Alexei's Baby Shower, UCB, The Met, 21 and Over and Murder By Death

Elena is a kindergarten teacher and one day she called me asking if I could help out with library day since there were no parent-volunteers. One of the little kids was staring at me hard and then asked "Whose mom are you?" --------NOPE

We went to Serendipity3 on Valentine's Day.

Alexei's robot themed baby shower was adorable! Devin's friend made these cake pops.

I stick by my story when I say palming a very pregnant stomach is exciting. There is a little life in there!

Congrats Devin and Neil! I can't wait to meet my godson's best friend.

Jackie took me to a bar called Rudy's, where the beer is cheap and they have FREE HOTDOGS. It wasn't until my 2nd hotdog that I remembered I gave up meat for lent. WOOPS :(

As an H2O fan, I know this is not right.

Thanks to Tumblr I was notified of a College Humor Live! show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. It was my first time at UCB NY and I was stoked to finally see Jake & Amir live. UCB NY is waaaaaay bigger than UCB LA, AND they serve beer and wine, whereas UCB LA it's BYOB. Which is still cool, both are cool. cool.

Is this not the prettiest McDonald's you've ever seen?

Have you tried the Fish McBites? They got me hooked.

Jackie and I had a wild facetiming with Erin and Janine in Portland.

I like hearing Motown tunes sung to me in the morning on the way to the train. Yeah dude, stand by me.

I cannot express to you how disappointed Jackie was with me when I told her I've never seen Gossip Girl. ESPECIALLY on the way to The Met, because apparently the main gossip girl blogs about it? Or the opening scene is at the Met? I don't know, 5 seasons is a lot to get into. I still haven't finished season 1 of Pretty Little Liars (sorry John and Janine). It's hard jumping into a new series. ughh life is soooo hard.

This OG weave is from 1887 B.C. - It's truly amazing how the Metropolitan Museum of Art acquires these pieces. This artifact is in prestine condition and it was around BEFORE JESUS CHRIST.

My favorite section of the Met is the European Decorative Arts exhibit. People in Austria were living it up. I can't imagine going to the Palace of Versailles, my head would explode.

How grandiose is this???

Leave it to Jackie to find a cat in the museum.

It was both Elena and Jackie's first time to The Met. I've opened their eyes! By the way, it's donation based admission. You can pay $1 and they will say thank you.

This is one of the gnarliest Picasso's I've ever seen. It's called "Man with Lollipop" and oddly I love it.

Elena came home and surprised me with this Banana Bread Beer!

I follow Justin Chon on Twitter and he mentioned he was going to be at the Soho Apple Store promoting 21 and Over ---2 hours later I hopped a train and saw an open seat in the 2nd row. I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA. I LOVE JUSTIN CHON. Skylar Astin is a qt too ;)

I saw Murder By Death at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Last time I saw MBD was with Minus the Bear in 2004 at The Factory in Ft.Lauderdale ---the only reason I remember this so distinctly is because it was on my 16th birthday. I had a great time, thanks Dagan!


I moved to New York!

Because when you have the opportunity to move to the greatest city in the world, YOU TAKE IT.

Greg was stoked about my arrival...

The new Taylor Swift joint is dooooooooooope

Namaste Indian lunch buffet.... $9.99 A+


My first subway boyfriend

Chef neighbor Jared made the most ridiculous macaroni and cheese for us. He toasted bread crumbs, then added pickled onions and scallions. The macaroni had 3 different cheeses and so many different flavor profiles (specifically from Spain). It was unreal. I think I died.

Chef neighbor Jared is also our handy man. He put up the bike hooks!

Elena and Eve looooooove yoga. I guess I will too soon :/

Ileana interns at the Jimmy Fallon show and the receptionist suggested an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn where we went on our dinner date.

Gong Modern Thai...mmmmmmmm

Niu Noodle House ... mmmmmm

roomies night out!

Chef neighbor Jared at it again! He taught me how to poach an egg.

The wok came from China, I asked if it's from the Ming Dynasty, and he said yes.

Mmmmmmmm that presentation tho!

The handy man can........put up towel racks! Thanks Jared!

Scorpion? I keep learning new yoga poses.



I've waited 24 years to do this.

Blueberries lovers crepe at Crepes Du Nord.........mmmmmmmmmmmm

Mona sprained her ankle. Poor guy hasn't been able to walk for 3 weeks.

She can't go out so for entertainment she curls my hair. I'm the little sister, I have no choice.

Eve had a last minute fashion show at the Empire Hotel rooftop.

We made dumplings and taught Elena our Chinese secrets!

Mona felt bad for staying at Elena's for so long, so she used her corporate points and we checked into the Sheraton Times Square for the weekend.

We got a free upgrade and Mona copped a ride from the bell hop.

One of the concierge dudes liked Mona and sent up wine and strawberries one day, and THE NEXT DAY SENT US CHOCO STRAWBERRIIESSSSSSSS.

Curly cleetus...she looks like an injured cheerleader who still goes to competition.

Fresh snow is so beautiful, say word.

This is Jackie's cat, Jeffrey.

The blizzard dropped this in our courtyard.

An IKEA trip is not complete without them Swedish meatballs.

Come hang out with us!


Christmas, babies, besties, zoo animals --see ya 2012!

2012 was really busy for me and especially busy for Ari. I didn't see her at all the entire year , and so we spent like 3 hours at Chili's just catching up. 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of our friendship! I recently downloaded a Lisa Frank will soon be a staple on this site.

Fallon took me to a delicious gelato spot in East Boca.

I was expecting to eat chicken wings with Spence somewhere, but then he said "I'LL COOK"  !!!!

I said that Hank looks like a wheelchair dog, and Janine said we should call him "Wheels"

The Starting Line's 10th anniversary of "Say It Like You Mean It" tour came through!

Ladies (really do) Love Cool James -- at least we do!

The Starting Line is one of my favorite bands of all time. #2 in top 3.

Rachel was at the show!

Brody's grandma has a huge collection of black santas.

We went to pick Brody up after the show and he was passed out.

In high school whenever Spencer had a show, I'd always go to support the homie. He mentioned his new band is playing in Margate and I was stoked to see him play.

Merry Christmas from our nails to yours!

Christian what did you get for Christmas?

Jerk cornish hen, oxtail, roast pork, macncheese, ricenpeas, assorted seasonal vegetables... This was such a surprise!!

On Christmas night everyone met at Coral Springs Bru's Room

Tommy posted his 13yr old picture on instagram and it inspired me to post a (hilarious and gross) 12 yr old picture of me too.

Mike was there!!!!!!!! We (my girlfriends and I) looooove Mike! He is the nicest dude and will be on my site again in 2013, GUARANTEED.

Santa baby!

Jenny gave us some star fruit! Mona nyam it up.

I found this life size black santa at Burlington Coat Factory.

Mona sold her Nissan 240 sx and is now a carless fool like me. But where we are moving we don't need cars!

Angela and her family are in Florida for Christmas. We went to Lion Country Safari! I was stooooked to play asian nanny.

Having an animal casually walk in front of your vehicle is exhilarating.

I love that rhinos and zebras can be best friends.

Baby slings are great!!!!!

Jackson was stoked to do the slide but got scared when he was at the top. Andrew accompanied his 4 year old down the slide!

Watch out for MC Morgan's new mixtape "Brrrrrrfkjdhfjdhfdf"

Brody is a relatively quiet baby, but he did not like being woken up from his nap and then having cold water poured on his head 3 times. WELP, WELCOME TO THE CHURCH!

Jewish Neil and Catholic me are happy to give this Lutheran baby spiritual guidance.

I bought this for my godson, I hope he gets the job.

I found these ridiculous glasses in the living room when my Mom was cleaning and Mona hated them. She wouldn't answer me when I asked if she liked them!

She was against the idea of a New Years Eve pinata.

My old coworker Aimee had a New Years Eve party and when I showed up to surprise her, she cried! So then I cried!

Happy New Year everybody! 2012 was a really awesome crazy rollercoaster and I feel good about 2013. REALLY GOOD


Dolphins Game and Precious Moments

My cousin Jenny invited Mona and I to a Miami Dolphins game. It was our first NFL experience and she sold it to us as "Do you want to go to the Dolphins game on Sunday? There's going to be a free buffet and massages" but really all she had to say was "Do you want to go to the free buffet on Sunday?"

Mona loves her some chili dogs.

Auntie took advantage of the free massage! So did Jenny, Mona, and Megan. I did not, masseuses do not relax me AT ALL.

Dolphins win! FOR ONCE

8 year old Felicia is very angry with Mona in 1996.

I've been chilling with Brody and learning so much about babies. He likes to fart when I hold him and he smiles when he's falling asleep. EVERYTHING IS SO PRECIOUS

I always have a negative experience with Jimmy Johns subs. I think maybe I ordered the wrong thing? It seems to be the issue everytime. Kiersten and I did enjoy the 80s playlist they were bumpin tho. Of course we want to hear Pour Some Sugar On Me at lunch time. I'm hot, sticky sweet. From my head to my feet.



Saying goodbye to San Francisco

San Francisco Giants won the World Series! There were riots in the streets.

7th and Market

This MUNI bus got tagged so fast. 

Everyone was walking down Market street. There were no cops around???

A few days later was the Giants Victory parade. There were a million people deep stoked to see the players.

Chipotle did their annual Halloween costume $2 burrito special. Mona is a little kid, and I am the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Four score and seven years ago...

Jason wanted a burrito too.

Redbull Flugtag came through San Francisco. Participants flew into Mccovey Cove, and they let us sit on the field of AT&T Park! Right where the Giants dominated the World Series!

We chilled in right field. My favorite flying mechanism was "Arc Kelly" and they played "I believe I can fly" as it launched into the air/water. By the way it was a giant R.Kelly face and the pilot was holding his corn rows and steering... GOOGLE ARC KELLY

Christopher has a size 14 shoe. I'm size 8.

JK, he's size 40.

I got the thickest hair in the game. This mermaid weave bun don't play.

Yes I voted, it's my American right.

Ryan and I went to the California Academy of Sciences and this is the living roof, also the top of their Planetarium.

We enjoyed a 3D dinosaur show with about 100 kids and their parents.

I pet a starfish!

We pet butterflies!

Before I left town I had a sushi date with Madeline at Mikaku.

Took Ryan to Pika Pika, he loved it!

I had a brunch date with Michele at Mama's in Washington Square/North Beach.

Michele loved Pika Pika!

Hit up John for a taco date at Tacolicious in the Mission.

Ice skating in Union Square!

When I was in Portland, Janine took me to the Paxton Gate taxidermy store and they had mentioned they had a location in SF. It's just as weird but a little bit bigger!

Final meal with the Ohio homies was at King of Thai Noodle House.

Man Louk came in from LA on Saturday, we hung out on Sunday right before I left on Monday. SO GOOD TO SEE THIS FOOL!

On November 5th Kiersten texted me saying she was going into labor, the baby was coming early! The surgery/delivery was going to be done by 5pm, so as soon it was 2pm (pacific) I texted Eric!!!!!!!! Best picture message of all time. I happy cried immediately.

Yesterday I met my Godson Brody!!!!!!!!

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