July brings good news

Old school Orlando homie VICTOR stopped by San Francisco!

We used to run a rollercoaster together!

Victor is Puerto Rican/Dominican from Brooklyn. He used to get so mad at me when I'd talk to him in the little Espanol that I know. "Buenas Dias Victorrrrrrrr" was a daily greeting from me that he would ignore.

I don't like shots, but he bought us a round of tequila. Then we were in a limo.

He went in on this sushi like it was popcorn chicken.

Lucky Strike has props for their photobooth, Lady V stopped by.

She's an aggressive bowler.

Julie has never been to Benihana, so I took her to the one in Japantown and got to use my $30 birthday gift certificate. Arigato Benihana!

I will always love the onion volcano. (beating heart fried rice, flying shrimp, butter fly, and mickey mouse fried rice are always fun to see)

Kiersten and I hung out on Skype today. She's cooking dinner while I tell her about the new Katy Perry movie.

She's pregnant y'all!

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had an ultrasound today and got all these fun pictures. When she called me in March and told me she was pregnant, I teared up. Then she asked me to be the godmother, and I lost it. Some of the happiest tears will flow when your best friend asks you to be a godparent (I wonder if Neil cried too..)

Lil Buddy gets confused hearing my voice

Thank you, 7-11.

Deborah Lippman "Sweet Dreams" -- thanks Erika!

I like your jams, gypsy.


John & Erika in SF + Warped Tour 2012

John came to SF for work last week and Erika met up for a long party weekend. She arrived from Austin on Friday afternoon and I immediately took her to Taqueria Mana for delicious tacos and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Saturday was my 10th anniversary going to the Vans Warped Tour.

Why can't I just understand what's inside you? Is it just guts and black stuff? (I'll find out soon)

Thriller was our favorite song.

Brian working at the office.

I was pleased to see San Francisco loving New Found Glory.

Brian instagrammed me while I was instagramming on stage. I'm addicted.

Ask these besties what it's like playing punk rock in Japan.


I watched the Gay Pride Parade from my office.

I took John and Erika to my dim sum spot in Chinatown. It was his first time having dim sum!

Stopped by The Hundreds SF

The best part of Japantown ^_^

Crab House at Pier 39

Which of these drinks belongs to a man?

John's homie Chi Chi met up for hookah.

The last meal was at Lori's Diner. That club sandwich is A+

Click the picture to see John and Erika in PEOPLE


I celebrated my 24th with Karaoke!

I've had a crush on the entire Thrice band for about 8 years. This farewell tour was so good, I'll miss you Thrice <3

Michele and I got Thai before the rock show.

Thanks for playing "Deadbolt" --It brought me back to a 16 year old singing in Sabine's car when she used to drive me home from high school before I had my license. So many memories with different songs, and Thrice was a big part of my high school years.

First self portrait as a 24 year old. I don't like dresses with straps.

John Park was working, so I had birthday lunch at Cupola Pizzeria. This is my free birthday dessert Swanton Strawberries (grappa, olive oil cake, whipped creme fraiche)! BOMB

Scooped up my Starbucks free birthday drink during my breakfast break.

Paul at Atelier Emmanuel Salon hooked it up with dolly parton x toddler and tiara curls. Homeboy did WORK on my thick hair, he's awesome! He's my go-to for hair now in San Francisco (still got love for Caitlin Turpel in South Florida <3)

Kiersten and I painted our nails and had girl talk before my birthday party.

Lil Buddy was not amused.

When I let down my curls, Kiersten immediately called me a basketball wife. I felt like a basketball wife.

Julie is my SF eating partner!!!!!! I love this girl!

I've been called the song bird of my generation.

Karaoke in your own private room is sooooo much fun. Thanks for organizing everything sista!

I took Mona to the Ramen spot that Danny and his brother took me, she loved it!

We tried out a new dim sum place.....BOMB! They had a lot of different dim sum items that we HAD to try and our lunch quickly escalated to $70 yikes!

Sock Monkey is so loveable, how could you not LOL with that birthday hat!

John B and I went to SupperClub for his friend's event.

Tacos and drag queens, I love you San Francisco.


June is my birthday month, are you ready?

It's been a long time coming..good bye blackberry. After much debate, I forwent the iPhone, and became AN ANDROID. Now I can indulge in the likes of Instagram, Words With Friends, and other apps that blackberry could not give me.

The morning staff knows me by name. It's like Cheers.

Those shorts means it's laundry day. Amirite teddy grahams?

When I saw that LMFAO was performing in Oakland, I bought tickets immediately! Upon arrival the security guard looked at our tickets and said we got upgraded! Far East Movement performed too, we danced the night away.

Giant inflatable zebras, a shuffling robot, Quest Crew dancers, champagne showers, confetti canyons--LMFAO live show is THE SHIT. Lots of dancing, lots of lol'ing.

June is Danny's birthday month too. When he told me he was coming to SF I got so siked to take him and his brother Khanh around town!

The Hundreds SF

Fatlace in Japantown. Danny was a little kid in a candy store.

Ramen nom nom en.

Hang time with the Vo brothers <3

My sister's work has an annual black tie summer party. I've heard about it for years and finally got to go this year.

Is that a small concerto behind Mona's head? San Francisco City Hall is a crazy venue for a party!

Mona disappeared into the table. Floral camoflauge x monalisa collab

One of my favorite parts of living on the west coast is having a good hair day, e v e r y d a y.


California livin

It's baseball season!

First 20,000 people got these stuuuupid ass hats.

Kept my ears hella warm tho!

I met Jennifer in 2009 when she was a part of the Universal Studios Orlando International work program from Singapore. 3 years later we reunite in San Francisco!

Singapore in SF!

I work on the 8th floor of a high-rise building. When this window washer came down, we were terrified.

And then he came back the next day and did my window side when I was alone. no eye contact.

Wanda lives on SFSU campus, this is her dorm.

Some of the girls from work get together once a week for Dinner Club.

Rocky Votolato started his 2012 US tour - I haven't seen him live since 2007.

I went to the Andretti Winery in Napa Valley last week for work.

Jetblue had a flash sale and I got a $50 roundtrip flight to Long Beach. I booked it immediately so I could visit 7-month pregnant Angela!!!!!!!!!! BABY #3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning I got to play OC nanny, a game I haven't played since December 2010. We dropped Mason off at school, he doesn't like getting his picture taken.

"fa-wee-sha, look what I can do"

I love this kid.

I don't know if he hears me, but sometimes I whisper "you're my favorite"

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