Barrymore, soup dumplings, rotting out, paint it black, reggie and the full effect, i am the avalanche, korean food, and mad SO CAL LOVE

I saw Julia Gulia at B&N 

Jackie and I had Valentine's Dinner at a place called "The Shady Lady" 

I introduced Jackie to soup dumplings at one of my favorite Chinatown spots, her reaction "Your culture is so delicious" - the next night she took me to Little Italy for her culture's dinner.

Ileana and I caught up on each other's lives over korean fried chicken and spicy noodles. I gotta take my BK darling to Queens soon.

We didn't buy this gem, but it was under consideration.

I see you Invader

Reggie and the Full Effect!!!! All the lyrics came back so easily

Elena prefaced this "I got a new record, don't be jealous"

My cousin Kameeka and I met up at Shake Shack in the Grand Central Terminal 

Rotting Out's singer had short shorts on and no front teeth. Gnarly front man!

I met up with Greg and Tommy at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. It was all our first times at this warehouse that had bars, arcade, "cool" brooklyn shopping vendors, mini golf, gourmet food spots and a venue space.

We came to the bazaar to see a free Paint It Black show!

Margaritas in cactus glass time! We found a new delicious happy hour spot. Shrimp tacos were A+

This girl gets it

This shirt is vintage now :/

Something about this dumb graffiti had me rollin laughing.

Bae caught me dancing

Celeste was visiting from Canada!! Internet friend becomes IRL friend!

Turntable Mad for Chicken --- we got the korean fried chicken, potato twister and pork belly salad

I Am The Avalanche released a new album, played at Webster Hall. so good.. always

I went out to LA/OC to visit some homies. This became my life for 4 days.

Baby carriers are so much fun! Angela's babies are so sweetums.

Albatros used to be open 24 hours, but then there were stabbings and now they have normal hours / we can't have nice things. The carne asada burrito and fish taco are the truth. 

This little princess was my #1 motivator of the trip! Evelyn is 4 months old and such a good baby. Barely cries unless she's hungry or wants to be held. Mad chill baby

I was Candy Crushing with Mason and kept hearing Jackson say "quarters are my eyes .. quarters are my eyes" and then I look up to see this.

Now that In-N-Out is a novelty since I'm never on the west coast, I completely forgot that I hate animal style fries/their fries in general. I tried the secret chilis on my burger and it was too hot for me. I think Shake Shack might be winning the debate. However In-N-Out workers remain the nicest in the fast food game.

Morgan was trying to take my nail polish off.. whatever works to keep him from screaming

The Marilyn Mon Roll was A++++++++

We did the ole friendship switcheroo where Angela and Danny meet up to swop me! Danny and Uhnet took me to Donut Friend, the Donut shop owned by producer Mark Trombino. AWESOME place that I read about before .. my donut was "The Starting Lime" A++++++++++++++

Danny and Uhnet's rooftop is so sweet. There is a doggy park (in addition to other dope amenities). I got to meet their new puppy Max.

Typical korean maneuver to have a happy face in their technical design :) this was for one of the burners at Korean BBQ

They did the cooking for us! I've done KBBQ before and we did the cooking... but this was nice.

Thanks for the puppy kisses Max!

Caught bae driving to Huntington Beach. See you on the east coast soon brotha!

Andrew looked up this place in Huntington Beach called Kelly's Donuts and Burgers that had pastrami breakfast burritos!

The blueberry cronut was OUTSTANDING A+++++++++++++++++++ The counter boy was very sweet, ALL the boys of Orange County are very sweet.

We stopped for Costco gas and I hopped out to capture this beautiful display of ice plants.

Gold watches and tigers.. baby swag y'all

I love watching these kids grow. They put up with my photo ideas and silly stories. "Hold my hand like this and don't smile" -- "why felicia?" -- "NO SMILING" ---- I'll forever be their asian nanny! 

My baby mamas sometimes forget to paint their toes because they have little mouths to feed and so I will paint them for you!! This was my first parking lot pedi, but for real doe, I care about your toes gf.

Thanks to Evelyn, Morgan, Jackson, Mason, Angela, Andrew, Danny and Uhnet for making this Southern California trip a success! I love you guys!!


Mexican street corn, homies, Knick's game, TLC, and Super Bowl Blvd

MexiBBQ in Astoria has one of the most delicious Mexican Street Corns ever. If you want to experience it, let me know, I will go there with you any day of the week.

Ran into Neil in Brooklyn at the Teen Agers show. I'm trying to collect as many pictures of us for Brody so in 20 years when he understands what life is, he'll know how chill his godparents are.

Cop that new Teen Agers jam from Anchorless Records!

Almost had an altercation with Rick about our matching flannel.

Greg is back in NYC!



Biggest box of Jordans I ever did see. NYC is wild, always got that new, bigger exclusive.

I took my sister to experience the mexican street corn at MexiBBQ. SHE LOVED IT

I've reached the ELITE status on Yelp! It might not mean much to you, but on a geeky yelp level, this rules.

yeee hawwwwwwwwwwww. we see you carmelo! we see you metta world peace! we see you angry dunk chandler! Jackie and I laughed so hard when we saw Kris Humphries on the court. 

Jackie, my Knicks game partner in crime.

Madison Square Garden is a lot more smaller/intimate than you think.

I got tix to see TLC at VH1's Super Bowl Blitz concert series. I casually asked Jackie "Sooo after work do you want to see TLC tonight?" We ended up being a part of the opening intro with Nick Cannon and a drum line??? He's really small in person.

Teleported to 1996 and lost our damn minds. Thank you VH1! We had a blast!

T-Boz and Chili are still sooooooooo sexy and cool. Brought out all the hits, and at the end "This goes out to forever.." MEANT TO BE!~~

A guy on the subway asked if he liked the Broncos....nah

Since the Super Bowl is next door in New Jersey, the NFL took over Times Square/Broadway for Super Bowl Boulevard. For 4 days Super Bowl Boulevard was filled with football events, meetngreets with players, and a 60 foot Toboggan Run (part fun, part terrifying). 


goodbye 2013, hello 2014

Quite often the Empire State Building changes colors. Rasta color night was right before Thanksgiving.

Mona and I have never been to a crawfish boil-- try something new as they say -- WELP we learned very quickly we don't like crawfish, and popping off their little heads from their weird little bodies isn't fun. The shrimp and other stuff was good. will def be back to THE BOIL

The StubHub TicketOak is a FLIRT

Scott came to NYC and another internet friend became IRL friend. I think we clocked 10 years of internet friendship? Cheers to 10 more!

Bless her heart

Buddah be trippin

Snow in NYC is beautiful and then it sucks. sucks sucks sucks.

At Jackie's work event drinkin free champagne. Door girl asked if I was on the list, I said nah and she let me in #useless

Papaya Dog on the menu

right before he asked my sister to marry him!!

He proposed on the Top of Rockefeller center! I was up there taking incognito pictures of the engagement.

Leonard sent me a replica SF giants championship ring!! HOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEE

We found our dear SF friend Beard Papa in NYC. It was good to see this bearded fool.

Uniqlo tree oh Uniqlo tree, how lovely are your branches.

Jeff always gets in this position THINKING I'm going to give him a belly rub. nah lil cat, keep dreaming

When my Dad picked me up at the Ft.Lauderdale airport, he immediately handed me this jerk pork/chicken mix! 

The frontface camera on the iPad is really amazing

The Walmart McDonalds in West Palm Beach is Star Wars themed.

She started wedding dress shopping. THIS IS NOT THE DRESS

It's really exhausting but very magical -- THIS IS NOT THE DRESS

1 dozen Jamaican Beef Patties (8 mild, 4 hot) Mmmmm...this is my childhood

Got to spend time with Kiersten and Brody in South Florida!

Even Publix's twitter is a pleasure.

I just want to document this family all the time. They are so beautiful.

I wrote a song for Brody.

Eric has the best mugs/glassware

My godson is the sweetest white angel baby this side of the Mississippi.

He already has a collection of postcards from me. I'm that crazy auntie who will send snailmail for all of his life.

My sister got down on one knee and asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I SAID YES!!!!!!!!

I mean, I didn't have a choice. When I came out the womb in 1988, 4 year old Monalisa looked at me and said "there's my maid of honor" -- had this title locked down for years.

moscato + cupcakes with strawberries in the middle? COME ON Y'ALL

We went to Schnipper's Quality Kitchen, very enjoyable. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


RUDE - New project series

perf gif, thanks buzzfeedThe RUDE series all started when my sister was on a phone conference for a really long time, and I was being neglected. As the little sister, I had to act out. Was it inappropriate because I love my sister? Maybe, but a series was a born with the juxtaposition of things/people I like and a middle finger. 

Some things I actually don't like, for instance Houston airport, Alex Rodriguez, Jackie's cat. 

My sister thinks middle fingers are rude. I hope you enjoy. RUDE


NYC Livin, BBQ, Giving Tree, Knicks vs. Spurs, H2O x New Found Glory x Alkaline Trio Tour

Empire State Building lookin soooo American <3Since I moved to Queens Elena's been telling me about The Strand Smokehouse. The cashier asked if my tray was for 2 people, I said nah. 

Cadillac is painting by numbers a new building wall ad. It's an interesting process to watch! This is my view from the 14th floor.

Scooped up the Tony Sly Tribute album. Quite possibly one of the nicest, but saddest things I ever heard. Miss you dawg

My friend Jo was in town from Vancouver! She ran the NYC marathon and had extra vacation days to hang in the city. She is another internet homie I've known for 10 years, kept in contact through social media and her travels have brought her to NYC and we finally met IRL.


We hit up 3 different museums/art galleries. This is the entrance of the Jewish Museum (free on Saturdays!) and I loved it because these fluorescent lights are so good.

threeASFOUR: MER KA BA exhibit in the Jewish Museum has this cool mirror dome that is perf for selfies amirite??? 

Jo suggested a restaurant called HU in Union Square. We sat on the Giving Tree.

Jackie got Knicks tix from work so we found ourselves at Madison Square Garden again. Here I'm doing the YMCA with Patrick Ewing.

Knicks played the Spurs and I was stoked because HELLO TIM DUNCAN!! Game was crazy, Knicks lost by 31 points. Spurs are so good.. This guy was so bummed or fell asleep.

Nelly, Larry David and Doug from The Hangover were courtside!

Rudy's Bar... The bar gem of NYC since 1933. Cheap beer and free hotdogs #cantgowrong

More good fluorescents

So many Tots options at The American Retro - a great place to chill before/after a show at Terminal 5.

I've been wanting to see H2O for years. They always played a tour when I was in another city or something came up and opportunity was missed.. but not this time y'all. So u already kno I was losin it during their set. SO GOOD. Matt Skiba came out for his part in "What Happened?" and I never thought I'd ever see that happen live!  H2O x ALK3 x NFG TOUR = THE FOCKIN BEST

New Found Glory was so good as always.

Matt Skiba was a dream boat as usual. Alkaline Trio played "Time To Waste" which I've never seen them do live. It was the first alk song I ever heard and I fell in love.

Danny stopped by town and we went to a Michigan themed restaurant in SoHo. Super chill to see the homie again this year!

We went to Beauty Bar for Alex's birthday.

Feliz Cumpleanos homie!!!!!!

IHOP was right next to Beauty Bar -- It was an obvious 2am choice for Jackie and I

Grilled cheese + tomato bisque brunch with DJ Minaj

How cool is this mom!!! Tandem bikes are so rad, never been on one but I definitely see it happening in 2014.

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