My Sister got married!

I don't know how my sister planned a wedding.. I planned her bridal shower with my aunt and it was STRESSFUL

Rejani found a place in South Florida that caters Mexican Street Corn!!! Everything on the Bridal shower menu was mona's favorite stuff. It included potato salad, pasta salad, sangria, Publix Fried Chicken! 

My cousin Leah and I after getting wedding hair and make up done

Felicia's House of Nails - my clientele is always stoked, they also never pay

Father of the Bride

Mr. and Mrs. 

Bride and Maid of Honor

I got the chicken and beef (with potato souffle and asparagus) 

Someone gave the kids moustaches




The bridesmaids got to pick the song we walk out to. I picked Lil Wayne A MILLI for Best Man Ronnie and I!

You know how my Maid of Honor speech went? A poem and then crying. CONGRATS YALL

Congratulations Monalisa and Ron Matty. I love you guys <3


Summer Birthdays - Atlantic City and Kickball

When I was 14 and first getting into the Aquabats, they never toured in Florida and then every time I lived somewhere else something happened and I missed them play. Once I saw 20th anniversary tour dates and NYC was on the list I bought a ticket IMMEDIATELY. They opened up with Martian Girl and my head exploded. woah woah woah woah woah

Waited over 10 years to dance to Pizza Day! THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK!

My coworker couldn't make it to a yanks game, so he gave me his tix, it had an hour rain delay and then a beautiful rainbow appeared in the Bronx.

Jackie was my Yankee date. I'm a San Francisco Giants fan, but a lover of all baseball so any opportunity to go to the ball park I get, I take it! I never saw the Oakland A's when I was in the bay area so it was cool to see them play the Yanks.

I can smuggle a cheeseburger any where. Jeter is up!

Jackie has been wanting to go to Guy Fieri's restaurant for a long time and I refused to go with her. But it was her birthday... and I love birthdays, so we went. This is the only picture that will ever exist. Yes the food was terrible.

The Spicy Beef Roll at Gowasabi in Astoria is soo good. And I get that beef in a roll is odd, but with the seaweed salad inside it just works. PLEASE BELIEVE ME

We went to Atlantic City for Jackie's birthday! Her secret admirer sent choco strawberries and champagne!

Yay casino buffets!!

Channing Tatum got fat and works for Caesars AC now.

Gambling is fun! We put in $5!

Gambling is fun until it's not.

Extra heavy makeup for atlantic city! 

So many good casino games!!

Birthday Benihana time, u already kno

I got a call from Bank of America fraud team and they said that someone in Arizona tried using my debit card to buy a $100 giftcard at Walmart. He asked me how this could have happened, I said that I had just came back from Mexico and all my friend's got fraudulent charges. BOA DON'T PLAY!

I went to Boston to visit my cousins and Megan looks just like this card! Such a cute pregnant lady!

My cousin Nick posted up by some sweet segways. We did a segway tour of Boston! 

Nick got in trouble after taking this pic, the tour guide said we weren't allowed to use our phones while riding lol.

Check out this Motley Crue

Good to see my cousins in Boston! Thanks for the blueberry tart!

Happy Birthday Veronica!

Happy Birthday Ileana!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Jeff lookin like a G in Benihana

I went thru the NY Parks and Recs Dept to get a 'special events' permit for my kickball birthday! I got headbands for everyone and at this moment I looked up and saw a bunch of cool kids eating pizza prepping for a good ole fashioned kickball game. I was stoked on everyone being stoked!!

Jessica brought her dog Minni, she became our mascot!

There was a bunt and I was stoked to grab it and peg Jackie, then I tripped and ate shit. We all had injuries after the game, things are different when you play kickball as a child vs 20something.


Jeff asked me if I remember Pizza Face.. I sure do Jeff. #AllThat

I had Capri Suns on deck!!!

Jackie was the other team captain!

We went to Hooters afterwards for drinks (it's close to central park, has outdoor seating, and their buffalo shrimp is so good!) Anyway this guy was on his laptop getting down on so many crab legs.

Thanks for the love Greg and Alex <3333

My sweet darling Janine came to NYC from Portland on my birthday weekend!

We had punch brunch at Front Toward Enemy in Astoria. It's unlimited punch as long as you have food to eat on your plate. I got the Full English Breakfast and it really came with a full vine tomato! I ordered the gin punch (versus the tequila punch) and was drunk after 3 bad boys (or was it 4?) and a belly full of yum yums.

We went to Madam Tussauds!!!! This is the 3rd Madam I've been to with Janine. We went to Vegas MT when Kiersten got married and San Francisco MT when I lived out there.

Jackie was reading with Hellen Keller

Yao Ming is a big dude

Jackie got me this for my birthday...I love 1 D... Insane 4 zayn

I got Jackie tix to Late Night with Seth Meyers show taping for her bday. 

Snuck this in before the show started. We were literally in the 1st row, luck of the draw! Seth is pretty chill in person.

My coworker Reegs is a Mets fan so we went to a game vs Texas Rangers. It was a last minute decision so we went to the first scalpers we saw. These dudes said they had seats behind home plate $40 for 2 tix and they just wanted to go in cuz they got these tix from a friend.. 2 good 2 be true? WELP IT WAS TRUE. We walked in right after them and were straight up 15th row behind home plate.

We ordered Shake Shack and beer from our seats and they delivered it so fast. CitiField is great!!


Monalisa's Cabo Bachelorette Party

The ME hotel lover's robes were so soft.

First dinner was at THE OFFICE! Thursday night is a dinner show with cultural dancers, mariachi band, overall too much fun.

100 Pesos = $10 USD

Besos from Mexico


We rode the banana boat! Fun/terrifying.. this picture was taken right  when the driver took a sharp left turn and threw us off the banana at the end of our ride.

My sister is getting married!!

At one club I looked over and saw Jackie playing tic tac toe with the Jello Shot girl.

Welp.... mexico

The weather was perfect for the snorkel excursion.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas!

After we snorkeled we jumped off the boat! 

La Golondrina is a very romantic restaurant. A man kept buying us songs from the mariachi band. One song is cool, but we were literally serenaded for 6 songs.

Mi amigo Da-veed saw my tattoo and started drawing it, telling me about his exgirlfriend and how he once lived in Wisconsin.

I had to go to McDonalds in Mexico. I'm all about that international menu.

Just experiencing Mexican culture

So happy to go on vacation with Eunice!!!

Why are we behind the bar?? #cabo

2 things: 1 Sammy Hagar has a band called Chickenfoot, 2 they went gold

Burger King Mexico!

Mexico passport stamp!

Lots of great memories were made in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.


Gladfiseeyu Jamaica

It's been about 7 years since my last trip to the motherland, and this was the saddest.

We miss you Grandma G!

This is the first thing you see after going through immigration. Smiles were on our faces.


This was the first time I was at Grandma's house with my little cousins who are now taller than me! Uncle Steve was showing us how to make necklaces from the flowers off Grandma's property.

We hit up Linstead Market for some spices.

Purple scotch bonnets? YIKES

This is Jamar. His grandmudda sold us corn. 

The KFC in Jamaica is so good. It might seem odd, but this is usually a request to go to when we are on the island.

$500 JA = $5 USD

$1000 JA = $10 USD

Lengi has worked for my grandma for over 15 years, if you need a coconut, he'll cut it for you (with a machete) ASAP.

On the day of my Grandma's funeral I found out she has 4 peacocks on the property! 

My little cousins were feeding dog food to the peacocks.

Sugar cane selfie! 

My Dad loves ice cream! There were 16 orders of ice cream cones, Dad was the first to get served, I was one of the last. 

Pretty cool to see Usain Bolt at the airport running to his gate just like the rest of us.

Mona and I were stoked to go to the supermarket in Jamaica and bring home JA snacks from our childhood back to America.

For Easter weekend I drove up to the Boston area with my cousin and his family. We were very close to running out of gas. This was a victory picture.

We saw lots of reenactments since Patriot's Day was right around the corner.

We stayed at my cousin-in-law's Mom's house, her name is Grammie! at one point Grammie parked the car as I was with the older girls, I got a phone call -- "Hi Grammie, where are you?".. "I'm on the side where the British are retreating" .. "Okay, I'll see you soon"

Just hanging out in a Boston bar with my cousin and this gnome

The gnome was saying the right things 

I got in trouble for having my phone out when it was time to eat. It's hard to explain my need to instagram this delicious crab benedict to an 8 year old.

My cousin's kids are sweetie pies!

I hid the Easter eggs around the yard and it was the youngest daughter to find the eggs on the beamer doors!

Brandon said I could drive the porsche. It was a little fun, but mostly terrifying. 

Jackie got us tickets to the American Comedy Awards. We saw Amy Poehler take a selfie with the cast of HBO’s VEEP. Hannibal Buress was schmoozing with Bill Hader. Key & Peele were so handsome in their suit and ties. Sir Patrick Stewart is hysterical and loves viral videos as much as we do.

Chris Rock presented Bill Cosby with the Johnny Carson Award. Craig Robinson was the music director and kept us dancing in our black tie dress code.

Jackie texted me about a STREET FAIR by her apt!

I just love any excuse to eat corn. 

I had a candy apple for the first time! I was raised by Jamaicans, there are a lot of American things I am still JUST experiencing. Anyways it tasted like candy..and an apple.. I get it.


Barrymore, soup dumplings, rotting out, paint it black, reggie and the full effect, i am the avalanche, korean food, and mad SO CAL LOVE

I saw Julia Gulia at B&N 

Jackie and I had Valentine's Dinner at a place called "The Shady Lady" 

I introduced Jackie to soup dumplings at one of my favorite Chinatown spots, her reaction "Your culture is so delicious" - the next night she took me to Little Italy for her culture's dinner.

Ileana and I caught up on each other's lives over korean fried chicken and spicy noodles. I gotta take my BK darling to Queens soon.

We didn't buy this gem, but it was under consideration.

I see you Invader

Reggie and the Full Effect!!!! All the lyrics came back so easily

Elena prefaced this "I got a new record, don't be jealous"

My cousin Kameeka and I met up at Shake Shack in the Grand Central Terminal 

Rotting Out's singer had short shorts on and no front teeth. Gnarly front man!

I met up with Greg and Tommy at Brooklyn Night Bazaar. It was all our first times at this warehouse that had bars, arcade, "cool" brooklyn shopping vendors, mini golf, gourmet food spots and a venue space.

We came to the bazaar to see a free Paint It Black show!

Margaritas in cactus glass time! We found a new delicious happy hour spot. Shrimp tacos were A+

This girl gets it

This shirt is vintage now :/

Something about this dumb graffiti had me rollin laughing.

Bae caught me dancing

Celeste was visiting from Canada!! Internet friend becomes IRL friend!

Turntable Mad for Chicken --- we got the korean fried chicken, potato twister and pork belly salad

I Am The Avalanche released a new album, played at Webster Hall. so good.. always

I went out to LA/OC to visit some homies. This became my life for 4 days.

Baby carriers are so much fun! Angela's babies are so sweetums.

Albatros used to be open 24 hours, but then there were stabbings and now they have normal hours / we can't have nice things. The carne asada burrito and fish taco are the truth. 

This little princess was my #1 motivator of the trip! Evelyn is 4 months old and such a good baby. Barely cries unless she's hungry or wants to be held. Mad chill baby

I was Candy Crushing with Mason and kept hearing Jackson say "quarters are my eyes .. quarters are my eyes" and then I look up to see this.

Now that In-N-Out is a novelty since I'm never on the west coast, I completely forgot that I hate animal style fries/their fries in general. I tried the secret chilis on my burger and it was too hot for me. I think Shake Shack might be winning the debate. However In-N-Out workers remain the nicest in the fast food game.

Morgan was trying to take my nail polish off.. whatever works to keep him from screaming

The Marilyn Mon Roll was A++++++++

We did the ole friendship switcheroo where Angela and Danny meet up to swop me! Danny and Uhnet took me to Donut Friend, the Donut shop owned by producer Mark Trombino. AWESOME place that I read about before .. my donut was "The Starting Lime" A++++++++++++++

Danny and Uhnet's rooftop is so sweet. There is a doggy park (in addition to other dope amenities). I got to meet their new puppy Max.

Typical korean maneuver to have a happy face in their technical design :) this was for one of the burners at Korean BBQ

They did the cooking for us! I've done KBBQ before and we did the cooking... but this was nice.

Thanks for the puppy kisses Max!

Caught bae driving to Huntington Beach. See you on the east coast soon brotha!

Andrew looked up this place in Huntington Beach called Kelly's Donuts and Burgers that had pastrami breakfast burritos!

The blueberry cronut was OUTSTANDING A+++++++++++++++++++ The counter boy was very sweet, ALL the boys of Orange County are very sweet.

We stopped for Costco gas and I hopped out to capture this beautiful display of ice plants.

Gold watches and tigers.. baby swag y'all

I love watching these kids grow. They put up with my photo ideas and silly stories. "Hold my hand like this and don't smile" -- "why felicia?" -- "NO SMILING" ---- I'll forever be their asian nanny! 

My baby mamas sometimes forget to paint their toes because they have little mouths to feed and so I will paint them for you!! This was my first parking lot pedi, but for real doe, I care about your toes gf.

Thanks to Evelyn, Morgan, Jackson, Mason, Angela, Andrew, Danny and Uhnet for making this Southern California trip a success! I love you guys!!

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