The Lonely Island, Dana's Baby Shower, David's New Restaurant, Veronica and my birthday!!

Went to the Soho Apple store to see The Lonely Island talk about "The Wack Album"

Jorma Taccone was making too much eye contact with me. Check out the Soho Apple podcast, maybe you will see me and JACKIE in the Lonely Island episode lolol

We trekked over to Robert Moses Beach.

Cartwheels in motion look like twerking!

Dana and Keith were in town and their besties threw them a NY baby shower!

My contribution was....... MY OTHER BREASTMILK IS A TACO

John Oliver's comedy taping turned out to be 3 episodes! Thomas Lennon, Reggie Watts and Pete Holmes were a wonderful lol-filled surprise

David's new restaurant is open! Sushi Dojo! 110 1st Ave in the East Village!

He braided Elena's fish <3


Shopping for my birthday dress I came across this gem. It's too costumey but still awesome, and no I did not buy it.

Happy birthday Veronica!!!!!


This Benihana trip had 3 birthday certificates, mine, Veronica and Jeff's. Benihana barely made any money off of us this night!


Mona took me to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem for my birthday dinner. SO GOOD I CANNOT

10 mins grace period till we lose the reservation for 14 people? They must be trippin. Taxi cab confessions.. we made it.

I'm so lucky to have such beautiful people in my life. My birthday dinner was a success! Yuca Bar is one of my favorite restaurants and now all these people love it too.

Veronica got me this amazing necklace.

My sister sent an email out requesting family and friends to write down a message about the time they really thought "Felicia is awesome" -- I cried just READING THE INSTRUCTIONS .. then when the notes were so sweet I had to stop reading them at the table cuz the tears started flowing.. it was the sweetest gesture ever. I am loved :)



Ryan and I will only take pics in front of maritime locations.

10 mins grace period till we lose the reservation for 14 people? They must be trippin. Taxi cab confessions.. we made it

Boston hangs, Brooklyn hangs, Jackie's birthday hangs

Elena and I checked out a local New Orleans themed restaurant called Sugar Freak.

When Jared came over I thought I was looking in a mirror.

For Cinco De Mayo we went to a restaurant called La Herradura. No one speaks english which was perfect(o).

I went to Brooklyn to meet Neil and Devin's new baby Alexei!


I greeted Alexei like I greet any new baby into my life.. "Hola Alexei, me llamo Felicia"

Mona went to France and smuggled these back to America for me! The turquoise flavor is called "Marie Antoinette"

Elena kissed me and then went on her date, I then went to the laundromat forgetting I had lipstick on my face. I must have looked like a big ole slut doing my laundry...

Couldn't believe how fast this turtle was moving on his leash. I understand the need for one now.

The Banana Stand was on a London/NYC/LA tour. They gave out Mr.Manager stickers. HOORAY FOR NEW ARRESTED D

Karl means well.

When I brought Ryan to the Johnny Cupcakes store they happened to be celebrating their 7th Anniversary of the Boston shop and Johnny was there!

I love social media! Johnny is THE CHILLEST MILLIONAIRE EVER.

Not even 10 minutes after, we found Matt Skiba walking around Boston. UMMM WOW UNIVERSE!!! Ryan was stoked, I was stoked, was Matt stoked? #YEP

Off With Their Heads was SICK.

Anthony Raneri stays having one of the best smiles in the game. Bayside switched up their setlist for once and actually played Devotion and Desire first!

Alkaline Trio! What a set! They played new and old but NOTHING off Agony and Irony and This Addiction, aka the albums I know the best lolol. Great show tho

Ryan spotted the OG Cheers in Quincy Market.

How can you not lol at this spread eagle lil kim style??

There was a girl at the table in front of us who ate her entire meal with sunglasses on while her friends didn't have any on. We are going to forever take our birthday benihana pics with sunglasses on.

Victoria and I "met" on the Reggie and the Full Effect message boards in 2003. This was our first time meeting IRL after being internet girlfriends for TEN YEARS.

Caravels from Las Vegas took her out on tour and this band is really good. I'm so out of the punk rock/small venue loop and really enjoyed their set.

chill dudes, good hangs

The bar we found at 2am had a PHOTOBOOTH which I spotted IMMEDIATELY.

I bought Jackie a rose, she's special to me.

She moved into a new apartment and did some pinterest shit with them keys. This is also something I learned when it was too late after I bought key covers.

5 Av/59th St subway penguins

Jackie's birthday dinner was at TAO. Sooooo swanky - I had to put a credit card down to make reservations. Very cool place, yummy food, STRONG drinks ;)

Dang is that jacket Burberry?


I selected this one.

Truly unbelievable how well Jackie and Veronica sang this.

Happy Birthday baby boo!

We have new people! Meet Victoria, Ryan, and Jackie in the PEOPLE section!


North Carolina hangs and a Yankees game

Went to North Carolina to hang with my parents. My mom is a team player.

Dad said he knew of a good Filipino restaurant. It was actually a grocery store that sold Filipino meals, but no set up for eating there, so they brought out a table for us. ay yi yi.

North Carolina is pretty different...we went to the North Carolina Museum of History and learned a lot about NC ...and it's involvement in the civil war and other BIG DEAL AMERICAN EVENTS.

My sister really wanted to feed this catepillar, but I would scoot away from a giant poking candy at my body too.

My sister's flight to Raleigh was rerouted to Charlotte due to bad weather and on the (2.5 hour) drive there I saw signs for BOJANGLES on every exit. It felt good to be in the south again.

She's programmed as "Mama Dukes" in my cell phone, and she texts in acronyms that sometimes I cannot decipher. Hug your MAMA! OR I WILL DO IT FOR YOU

Mom showed me the Jamaican way to peel a pineapple. Give me all your ripe pineapples, I will tear that shit up.

Eunice!!!!!!!!!!!!! was in NYC and we had breakfast at the Sheraton!!!!!!!! This was the same Sheraton that Mona and I stayed at for like a week in January when she was injured. I used to eat breakfast in the exec lounge and then take her oatmeal/yogurt to her room since she couldn't walk. So THIS particular morning with Eunnie I was gathering the usual croissant and eggs and the breakfast concierge guy recognized me and said "Welcome back" hahHAHAHHA!!!!! that was 3 months ago! I was like "uhh heyyy good to see you again" (all embarassed) ---that dude used to see me roll up in my shorts, tshirt, flip flops straight bummin it at breakfast and this time I was dressed professionally since I was going to work after breakfast... ANYWAY, SO GOOD TO SEE EUNNIE AND CATCH UP!!!!!!! LOVE YOU BOO. I'LL BE BACK IN THE BAY ONE DAY <3

Reporting live from breakfast y'all

I love pizza, I love pizza jokes, I love smart pizza ads --this grubhub ad on the subway is A+

Larry David on 1 train y'all

David hates his pic taken, but I squeezed this one outta him (liquor helped)! Happy birthday boo!

Elena was going on a Tuesday night date and put on a cute belt...so then I put on a cute belt.

I really love Big Macs, and these ads that I see on absolutepunk.net have me LOL'ing.


My coworker has Yankees season tickets and couldn't go to this particular game so he came to my desk, asked me what am I doing on Friday night and then handed me these tix! SOO SICK!!!!!!

I took my homie Madeline to the game! We used to work together in San Francisco and talk baseball at our desks (really she'd talk stats and I'd chime in with if I think the player is cute or not *super side note SF giants is the cutest team, BUSTER POSEY? SERGIO ROMO? MADISON BUMGARNER?*). She'd always wear that Yankees jacket, even in SF giants territory. SHE BLEEDS YANKEES.

Jim Beam Suite tix are dooooooope! The Jim Beam lounge has unlimited popcorn, peanuts and soda!

hotdogs and baseball, America baby

Yankee Stadium? WHO CARES

Jackie showed me this cat thing expecting me to be stoked. NOPE.

Spiderman got all up in my flowergram.


"No I don't live in Denver (I grew up in Sierra Leone)" - Frank Ocean (However Mike lives in Denver!)

Jackie and I took advantage of Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's.

I hung out with David!! He's a sushi chef here in NYC, and the last time I saw him he was eating bbq chips outside my house with Spencer during a hurricane 8 years ago.

Elena surprised me with this chocolate beer! (1D approved)

I dun lost my shit when I saw this ad in ChinaTown. Is this not the sickest endorsement?? ROB SCHNEIDER????

Elena loves yoga and I wanted to try it out since she loves it so much. I learned real fast that I don't like yoga!

Skype date with Kiersten and Lil Buddy

This is the view from the roof of my work.

We went to UCB NY for the College Humor Live show again (mostly for Jake & Amir) and were pleasantly surprised with the Dinorsaur Office puppet show.

Saw this inspirational message at the Denver Airport.

Red Rocks Ampitheater is AMAZING

This is literally the only picture we took together in Denver. Great family stuff to send to Mom & Dad

We didn't know that exploring the Red Rocks Ampitheater would be such a nature hike and definitely wore the wrong shoes.

Mona saw this top at Forever 21 and said to me "Why does this look familiar?" and then I LOL'd.

I had dinner with Katherine and Mike!

The buffalo run wild in Denver.

So good to see Mike and to know he's doing great in Denver. It's hard to move out of your comfort zone (Florida) to a new place not knowing anyone...but he did it, he found love, and he's enjoying Denver.

When the Delta flight attendants ask you "Peanuts, Pretzels, or Cookies" --ALWAYS GET THE COOKIES. DELTA COOKIES ARE THE BEST

We see these ghetto riders all the time and finally Elena put $.50 in and gave it a spin.

My favorite part is the fitted hat.



Finch, Every Time I Die, STRFKR, Sista's birthday

Champagne with Jackie!

Jackie went to UCF, I did not. But I did enjoy the cocktail party ;)

Celebrity sightings are the best.

HOOO WEEE I had a busy week.

10th anniversary of Finch's "What It Is To Burn" --I swear when they came out and I saw that Nate Barcalow and Randy R2K did not age my mind was blown. I was transported to the Drive Thru Records stage at 2002 Warped Tour. That was the last (and only) time I saw Finch.

It was quite a magical show.

I mix ghetto and gourmet to make yum yums.


I typically don't go to up front for shows anymore...but something came over me, and I made my way to the front for ETID. They are so good every time. I die.

Keith climbed this tall ledge near the balcony, and then I see someone climb up. I look closely and think.. TOMMY? IS THAT TOMMY? ......It was Tommy. He sang with Keith and then jumped off into the crowd - a good 10 feet!

How could you resist merch like this??? An obvious choice. I LOVE ANDY WILLIAMS

We saw STRFKR at Webster Hall for chef neighbor Jared's birthday.

Last couple songs 2 bunnies, an astronaut and Gumby came out...then BALLOONS

Melanie celebrated her birthday in New York City! I haven't seen her in 7 years. After high school she went to the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) and then started working in Atlanta where she is still living and loving. We had brunch at Cibo - $19.99 pre-fix menu .. 2 courses, banana bread basket, homemade jam, and then mimosa or blood mary!!

Happy 100th birthday Grand Central! We were hoping to see a flash mob.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SISTA!!!!!!!!!! We started birthday celebrations at Benihana.

Her birthday dinner party was at SEA in Brooklyn, Mona's favorite Thai spot.

I walked through a free Tibet demonstration to get to the hello kitty store to buy a Tuxedo Sam key cover.. "sorry sorry excuse me yeah free Tibet"

After an evening of dancing for Khushboo's birthday it was that special time for HALAL.

These 3am train homies were up in that chicken.

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