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Christmas, babies, besties, zoo animals --see ya 2012!

2012 was really busy for me and especially busy for Ari. I didn't see her at all the entire year , and so we spent like 3 hours at Chili's just catching up. 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of our friendship! I recently downloaded a Lisa Frank app...it will soon be a staple on this site.

Fallon took me to a delicious gelato spot in East Boca.

I was expecting to eat chicken wings with Spence somewhere, but then he said "I'LL COOK"  !!!!

I said that Hank looks like a wheelchair dog, and Janine said we should call him "Wheels"

The Starting Line's 10th anniversary of "Say It Like You Mean It" tour came through!

Ladies (really do) Love Cool James -- at least we do!

The Starting Line is one of my favorite bands of all time. #2 in top 3.

Rachel was at the show!

Brody's grandma has a huge collection of black santas.

We went to pick Brody up after the show and he was passed out.

In high school whenever Spencer had a show, I'd always go to support the homie. He mentioned his new band is playing in Margate and I was stoked to see him play.

Merry Christmas from our nails to yours!

Christian what did you get for Christmas?

Jerk cornish hen, oxtail, roast pork, macncheese, ricenpeas, assorted seasonal vegetables... This was such a surprise!!

On Christmas night everyone met at Coral Springs Bru's Room

Tommy posted his 13yr old picture on instagram and it inspired me to post a (hilarious and gross) 12 yr old picture of me too.

Mike was there!!!!!!!! We (my girlfriends and I) looooove Mike! He is the nicest dude and will be on my site again in 2013, GUARANTEED.

Santa baby!

Jenny gave us some star fruit! Mona nyam it up.

I found this life size black santa at Burlington Coat Factory.

Mona sold her Nissan 240 sx and is now a carless fool like me. But where we are moving we don't need cars!

Angela and her family are in Florida for Christmas. We went to Lion Country Safari! I was stooooked to play asian nanny.

Having an animal casually walk in front of your vehicle is exhilarating.

I love that rhinos and zebras can be best friends.

Baby slings are great!!!!!

Jackson was stoked to do the slide but got scared when he was at the top. Andrew accompanied his 4 year old down the slide!

Watch out for MC Morgan's new mixtape "Brrrrrrfkjdhfjdhfdf"

Brody is a relatively quiet baby, but he did not like being woken up from his nap and then having cold water poured on his head 3 times. WELP, WELCOME TO THE CHURCH!

Jewish Neil and Catholic me are happy to give this Lutheran baby spiritual guidance.

I bought this for my godson, I hope he gets the job.

I found these ridiculous glasses in the living room when my Mom was cleaning and Mona hated them. She wouldn't answer me when I asked if she liked them!

She was against the idea of a New Years Eve pinata.

My old coworker Aimee had a New Years Eve party and when I showed up to surprise her, she cried! So then I cried!

Happy New Year everybody! 2012 was a really awesome crazy rollercoaster and I feel good about 2013. REALLY GOOD

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I love your blog lady. Your adventures through life are fun. I am so glad you came to see me on New Year's Eve best surprise of my life , If i knew I would of been down for a new years pinata! lol Love you lady!

January 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAimee Lee

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