Portland, Cousins, Taking Back Sunday, and the WORLD SERIES

As soon as I got to Portland, Janine took me to the Grilled Cheese Grill food truck. Their homemade tomato soup had tomatoes in it, a concept I was not familiar with. Campbells really did a doozy on us growing up.

You will never find me in a bookstore, so this was a moment that Janine had to capture.

Voodoo Doughnuts

My maple bacon donut wanted to love Janine's vegan donut.

That episode of Portlandia where they keep posting flyers IS REAL. THAT ENTIRE SHOW IS REAL.

Chopsticks Karaoke is dooooooooooope on a Monday night. Erin and Janine sang Alanis Morissette.

We sang Kesha - Tik Tok

I'm wearing flannel, reading a book, and hanging with a cat. Portland really changes you.

This time spent with cats does not change how I feel about them.

Breakfast at Slappy Cakes! Janine made sweet potato, goat cheese, and veggie sausage pancakes.

There was a little bit of batter left so I made little guy mini pancakes.

We had dinner and drinks at McMenamins Kennedy School. The pictures and paintings are so creepy!

Eggs Benedict at The Country Cat! Yessss thank you.

We went to the Paxton Gate taxidermy store.

"I use antlers in all of my decorating." - Gaston, Beauty and the Beast

Portland is neat. Happy Birthday J9 <3

My cousin Nick was working in the bay and before he left for Boston we grabbed breakfast at La Boulange.

Nick is an official food blog participant! Hooray! :D


Wasn't sure I'd be in town for the TBS show so I held off on getting tix. Got back in time, saw tix were available but with a $9 service charge to buy them online? I thought "NOPE I'll walk my ass down the street and save $9" ---big mistake, I get to the Warfield box office, the guy says it sold out 5 minutes ago. I was so mad at myself, he comforted me saying "come back on Sunday, sometimes the band releases extra tickets that their guest list doesn't need". Sunday morning I walk to the box office, no tickets were released. 3 hours later the Warfield box office calls me and says 10 extra tix were just delivered! whaaat!!

I enjoyed the show from the back near the soundboard.

Then Adam Lazzara stopped by the soundboard to sing Happy Birthday to the sound guy! It was such a good show. Bayside was good too and I was brought back to my high school days. Happy 10th Anniversary Tell All Your Friends!

Ryan said he had two friends coming to the game with us, he failed to mention one was a Tigers fan -__-

After the Star-Spangled Banner 4 fighter jets flew over our heads! I LOVE AMERICA!

Lincecum getting ready!

Pablo Sandoval hit 3 home runs!!!!! STRANGERS BECAME FRIENDS AS EVERYONE WAS HIGH FIVING NON STOP!! It was the best baseball game I've ever been to and will probably ever go to.  GO GIANTS!


Muir Woods and Brody's Baby Shower

I took another paid training trip, this time to Muir Woods. It took me almost 6 months to take the Muir Woods tour because who cares?? Nature? Me? NOPE---but I figured it's time to figure out what M Weezy is since we sell it to customers.

Muir Woods looking like Forks..I was expecting Edward Cullen to roll through and call me Spider Monkey.

Someone looked at a tree and thought "You should be a man"

Muir Beach overlook was so classically SF foggy. Pretty anticlimatic since this is advertised as a beautiful picture stop.

Giants vs. who cares -- I got these dope seats thanks to Stub Hub <3


Brody's nursery!!!!


Are you pregnant and can't reach your feet? I'll be happy to paint your fat little toes! JK this service is for besties only. Please do not contact me for pedicures.

My sister was so mad when she saw this picture "YOU DIDNT PUMP HER GAS?" Ummmmm she's not handicapped, it's her car, pregnant babes can still pump gas.

Mona took care of Jin when he was a little puppy, and now he's a big puppy!

My cousin Nick did work on that jerk chicken.

Baby shower cupcake couture

Kiersten has blue eyes, Eric has green eyes -- this baby is ALL SET!

Palm a very pregnant stomach, it's awesome. There's a little miracle in there.

After the baby shower I enjoyed a brewski with Kiersten's Mom :)

Right before I left Florida I stopped by Salon Edge and got a trim by CAITLIN TURPEL! She's the only person I trust to cut my mermaid weave.


Melissa came to the bay!

My cousin Melissa visited the bay for Labor Day weekend. It's nice having family come see how we live on the west coast.

I took her to the dim sum spot and she was in heaven. Melissa's mom and my mom are sisters, she's just as Chinese as me.

There was a last minute trip to Napa Valley, so I took the girls to V. Sattui.

One of Melissa's friends goes to Berkeley and we got a tour of the campus. This view is from the Lawrence Hall of Science. It's a really quirky campus with "cool" shops and eateries...way different from FAU/UCF/any Florida campuses I've ever been to. Then again, it's UC BERKELEY

I've been wanting to learn French for a while. I learned some Spanish in high school, and the knowledge of that only comes out through random phrases when I'm drinking. French is so neat to me, will I be fluent? I'm working on it. Je m'apelle Felicia!

My coworker Robin and I doing paid training we were supposed to do months ago. WOOPS

Vinnie Caruana played at Hotel Utah Saloon. He was really open about talking about the songs that have roots and meanings to San Francisco, and even though it was heartbroken lyrics, he was optimistic about moving forward and bettering his/your life. It was definitely a different side to him, maybe my most favorite performance to date. Ps. He only did 1 Movielife song - "Hey".

I was skyping with Kiersten and then this puppy decided it was nap time.

I follow Amoeba SF on Twitter and get mobile notifications of their tweets because they are always giving away free tickets to shows. I reallllyyy wanted to see Ceremony so as soon as I got this text while I was skyping with Kiersten I was like AHHH HOLD ON HOLD ON I GOTTA WIN THIS SHIT... and sure enough I did.

Ceremony ruled.

Fucked Up was pretty good, I've never seen them live before. They have a female bassist who dresses like Janine.

Sometimes when you can't decide, this happens, and it works.

Mona and I were enjoying leisurely time in Union Square, and this fool starts doing tricks on his skateboard. All of a sudden, he starts eating shit after every jump.

This gypsy was no doubt the most attractive street performer to date. This is not the best representation, but he for real had a pretty face and a sweet voice. Left foot was bass drum, right foot I don't know...pretty confusing one man band, but it worked.

  games with Benny have been really good lately!


Napa Valley Trip + The newest baby of Orange County

I work with a few wineries in Napa Valley and finally had a chance to take my sister there. My sister and our friends Eunice and Chili drove north to Napa. The first winery was Whitehall Lane.

Tasting room manager Daniel gave us a tour of the winery, including the barrel room which is cold and no good for short dresses.

Pairing chocolate and wine

If you go to Whitehall Lane Winery, get the Sauvignon Blanc and Belmuscato! Mmmmm

The 2nd winery was V.Sattui! Wine consultant Gabe is the homie! A couple times a week I talk to Gabe and finally got to meet him face to face.


Gabe showed us a trick to see how much alcohol is in our glass.

Angelica is GOOD. The Madeira is excellent too. We got 2 bottles.

My sister is clearly not the designated driver on this trip.

The crabcake from the V.Sattui deli really spoke to me.

We missed out on the famous V.Sattui weekend BBQ...but the deli is still fantastic.

Wine + my therapeutic driving back to the city = sleep time for Chili

I went to southern california to visit Angela and Andrew and to welcome their new baby. I saw this at H&M and LOST MY MIND.

I rack up Virgin America flyer miles, my dude.

Andrew has 3 sons now.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M O R G A N <3

The next morning I woke up to Jackson taking his toys out to show me all his cool Batman stuff. Then it's breakfast time and he says "Let's go down for breakfast faweesha" and I say "You need to put your toys away" .."okay"

I've chilled with babies before, but a 1 month newborn??? SO PRECIOUS I CANNOT

Angela went upstairs to take a shower, so I'm sitting inbetween her beautiful white children and I am in total awe of this new life in my lap. I was just staring at Morgan for the longest time. I was in full epiphany mode, babies are little miracles.

I'm a protective baby whisperer.

We had lunch at Albatros in Lake Forest. By far my favorite Mexican joint in SoCal. If you get the Carne Asada Fries, ask for it with a tortilla wrap. When you can't finish all of it, you can wrap it up into a burrito for later!!!!!!!! (Albatros Secrets)

Angela is the ultimate Mama Bear, professional Mom of all Moms. I LOVE HER! Happy Birthday Beautiful!

Uniqlo had a pop-up shop before they open the new giant store on Powell St. I never turn down a photobooth.


Johnny Cupcakes x Junk Food: Tastemakers Truck Tour

Only 3 cities, and one is SF? YES SANK YOU

After you make your order, they ask what flavor ice cream you'd like. Walnut was an option, AND I TOOK IT.

Johnny Cupcakes in the bay y'all.

Kiersten and I went to his Suit Case Tour in 2010. Wish you were here boo boo!

Awesome/fun/cool/neat packaging as always!

Joshy D swung by to say hi to Johnny.. Johnny Cupcakes AND REBEL8 in one day? If Bobby Hundreds and the Crooks & Castles crew roled up, my streetwear head would have exploded. Benny Gold hung out all day too, so much SF love for Johnny. When an artist meets their audience, and they truly care and are thankful, THAT is what is remembered.

P.S. I love Twitter

Deborah Lippmann "Just Dance"

People get really mad when the AT&T store is closed on the weekend. This was probably done by one of those smelly Occupy SF hippies on Market St.

American Apparel Glitter "Galaxy" --Looks cool right? WELL IT IS THE WORST GLITTER TO TAKE OFF OF ALL TIME. Seriously the most difficult, annoying shit I've ever used before, and I've used a lot of glitter polishes and different brands of polish removers.

skype date with JFK

Deborah Lippmann "Swagga Like Us"

Mikaku happy hour is no joke. $6 for this salty goodness, Monday-Saturday 5-7pm? Yes sank you.

108 is my highest score word to date.

Check out the newest addition to TEENAGE ANGST ((who cares))

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