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Alexei's Baby Shower, UCB, The Met, 21 and Over and Murder By Death

Elena is a kindergarten teacher and one day she called me asking if I could help out with library day since there were no parent-volunteers. One of the little kids was staring at me hard and then asked "Whose mom are you?" --------NOPE

We went to Serendipity3 on Valentine's Day.

Alexei's robot themed baby shower was adorable! Devin's friend made these cake pops.

I stick by my story when I say palming a very pregnant stomach is exciting. There is a little life in there!

Congrats Devin and Neil! I can't wait to meet my godson's best friend.

Jackie took me to a bar called Rudy's, where the beer is cheap and they have FREE HOTDOGS. It wasn't until my 2nd hotdog that I remembered I gave up meat for lent. WOOPS :(

As an H2O fan, I know this is not right.

Thanks to Tumblr I was notified of a College Humor Live! show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. It was my first time at UCB NY and I was stoked to finally see Jake & Amir live. UCB NY is waaaaaay bigger than UCB LA, AND they serve beer and wine, whereas UCB LA it's BYOB. Which is still cool, both are cool. cool.

Is this not the prettiest McDonald's you've ever seen?

Have you tried the Fish McBites? They got me hooked.

Jackie and I had a wild facetiming with Erin and Janine in Portland.

I like hearing Motown tunes sung to me in the morning on the way to the train. Yeah dude, stand by me.

I cannot express to you how disappointed Jackie was with me when I told her I've never seen Gossip Girl. ESPECIALLY on the way to The Met, because apparently the main gossip girl blogs about it? Or the opening scene is at the Met? I don't know, 5 seasons is a lot to get into. I still haven't finished season 1 of Pretty Little Liars (sorry John and Janine). It's hard jumping into a new series. ughh life is soooo hard.

This OG weave is from 1887 B.C. - It's truly amazing how the Metropolitan Museum of Art acquires these pieces. This artifact is in prestine condition and it was around BEFORE JESUS CHRIST.

My favorite section of the Met is the European Decorative Arts exhibit. People in Austria were living it up. I can't imagine going to the Palace of Versailles, my head would explode.

How grandiose is this???

Leave it to Jackie to find a cat in the museum.

It was both Elena and Jackie's first time to The Met. I've opened their eyes! By the way, it's donation based admission. You can pay $1 and they will say thank you.

This is one of the gnarliest Picasso's I've ever seen. It's called "Man with Lollipop" and oddly I love it.

Elena came home and surprised me with this Banana Bread Beer!

I follow Justin Chon on Twitter and he mentioned he was going to be at the Soho Apple Store promoting 21 and Over ---2 hours later I hopped a train and saw an open seat in the 2nd row. I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA. I LOVE JUSTIN CHON. Skylar Astin is a qt too ;)

I saw Murder By Death at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Last time I saw MBD was with Minus the Bear in 2004 at The Factory in Ft.Lauderdale ---the only reason I remember this so distinctly is because it was on my 16th birthday. I had a great time, thanks Dagan!

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