NYC Livin, BBQ, Giving Tree, Knicks vs. Spurs, H2O x New Found Glory x Alkaline Trio Tour

Empire State Building lookin soooo American <3Since I moved to Queens Elena's been telling me about The Strand Smokehouse. The cashier asked if my tray was for 2 people, I said nah. 

Cadillac is painting by numbers a new building wall ad. It's an interesting process to watch! This is my view from the 14th floor.

Scooped up the Tony Sly Tribute album. Quite possibly one of the nicest, but saddest things I ever heard. Miss you dawg

My friend Jo was in town from Vancouver! She ran the NYC marathon and had extra vacation days to hang in the city. She is another internet homie I've known for 10 years, kept in contact through social media and her travels have brought her to NYC and we finally met IRL.


We hit up 3 different museums/art galleries. This is the entrance of the Jewish Museum (free on Saturdays!) and I loved it because these fluorescent lights are so good.

threeASFOUR: MER KA BA exhibit in the Jewish Museum has this cool mirror dome that is perf for selfies amirite??? 

Jo suggested a restaurant called HU in Union Square. We sat on the Giving Tree.

Jackie got Knicks tix from work so we found ourselves at Madison Square Garden again. Here I'm doing the YMCA with Patrick Ewing.

Knicks played the Spurs and I was stoked because HELLO TIM DUNCAN!! Game was crazy, Knicks lost by 31 points. Spurs are so good.. This guy was so bummed or fell asleep.

Nelly, Larry David and Doug from The Hangover were courtside!

Rudy's Bar... The bar gem of NYC since 1933. Cheap beer and free hotdogs #cantgowrong

More good fluorescents

So many Tots options at The American Retro - a great place to chill before/after a show at Terminal 5.

I've been wanting to see H2O for years. They always played a tour when I was in another city or something came up and opportunity was missed.. but not this time y'all. So u already kno I was losin it during their set. SO GOOD. Matt Skiba came out for his part in "What Happened?" and I never thought I'd ever see that happen live!  H2O x ALK3 x NFG TOUR = THE FOCKIN BEST

New Found Glory was so good as always.

Matt Skiba was a dream boat as usual. Alkaline Trio played "Time To Waste" which I've never seen them do live. It was the first alk song I ever heard and I fell in love.

Danny stopped by town and we went to a Michigan themed restaurant in SoHo. Super chill to see the homie again this year!

We went to Beauty Bar for Alex's birthday.

Feliz Cumpleanos homie!!!!!!

IHOP was right next to Beauty Bar -- It was an obvious 2am choice for Jackie and I

Grilled cheese + tomato bisque brunch with DJ Minaj

How cool is this mom!!! Tandem bikes are so rad, never been on one but I definitely see it happening in 2014.


Oh October - pumpkins, Halloween, Caravels, I am the Avalanche, Knicks and family

My cousin Melissa stopped by NYC.

 We got our pumpkin on.

Honestly, have you tried the Big Mac?

Caravels came through Brooklyn 

Elena made pumpkin pie y'all.

I won Knicks tickets from work! Jackie and I have never been to a NBA game or to Madison Square Garden before this night.

Just eating cotton candy with my friend.

Got caught cotton candy and texting

Pretty cool to see Carmelo and Metta World Peace!

Madison Square Garden is so historic.


2 Chainz and Black Swan

Elena loves Sriracha.. you are what you eat? yes? YES?

Jackie walked into McDonalds, fired some people and gave her cashier a raise.

The 6 train really loved our McDonald's crew.

I AM THE AVALANCHE is on tour :) They played almost every possible song.

Twitter remains being silly and fun.

Leonard sent me Kobe's White Sauce from Orlando!!!

Halloween part 2, zebra, narc and hello kitty found 40s.

Ghosts on the N train

I finally met Veronica's sister Kassie! and now we have mustaches.


Best Florida trip ever

 Elena and I moved into our new totes cute apt!
    Our San Francisco Giants were in New York, 3 days vs. Mets, 3 days vs. Yanks.

 We got tix off Stubhub.. these Citifield seats were $35, and the players were almost in our laps. THE METS ARE A JOKE THATS WHY.


  Veronica and I happened to be on the same flight to Orlando and then we found Mike at baggage claim!

Disney and Universal really cracked down on employees selling comp passes. Now there is a card system for Disney and confirmation emails for Universal! Thanks Kristen for such a magical day :)

 Chef Mickey's character breakfast at the Contemporary Resort is A+++

We rode Dumbo for the first time!!

Epcot Food and Wine Festival just started and the Cheese soup in Canada does not disappoint.


The old Unicorn ride was Leonard's home back in college days. He worked at The Flying Unicorn, and I worked at Dueling Dragons. We became besties after working Halloween Horror Nights 2007!

Hidden Mickeys in Universal Studios, they exist.

JANINE!!!!!!!!!! ....and jackie too

Brody was my roommate for the week.

Brody is learning to walk - Cell phones are the new camcorders

Spence and I grabbed Jamaican food. I missed this homie!

My brother took me out to dinner at Houston's. The pork chops were cooked perfectly and the couscous had citrus tones that were outstanding. A++++

I hate getting tattooed! But Eric is so I sit there.

Ave Maria is one of my Mom's favorite songs to sing.

 Fallon and Michael released wedding lanterns!!

Caitlin cut my hair a few days before and then curled it for Fallon's wedding :) It was a lucky day cuz Lindsay was there too!

Grabbed Laspadas before the wedding, didn't want to be hungry in church.


Michael is from Scotland so U ALREADY KNO this bagpipe man was poppin off.

Reception was on a yacht! The Lady Atlantic!

I'm in love with their love. Congratulations you guys!! I love youuuuuuuu


Martian girl from planet V, will you marry me? wo wo wo wo wo

Good to see the HS bro Giancarlo. Let it ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These cats are the equivalent of Janine in the picture with Kiersten and I.

My sweet little angel godson :)


See ya summer 2013, it's been real

 Frank Turner played at the Music Hall of Williamsburg - 2 sold out nights!


Went drinking in Brooklyn because...

  Andrew Marti was in town!

Melissa was always my favorite Real World cast member (mixed asian on early 2000s mtv!!) then she joined Glassjaw's guitarist Justin in holy matrimony and my 2 favorite worlds were brought together! She's hysterical in person and the new Beck baby is a precious angel.


What you see when you're walking to the LES Whole Foods

Good to see Neil!

Our homies Protagonist played at St. Vitus bar.

Ryan and I got SIQ TIX to the Sox v. Yanks game, both our first times in Fenway!

Box-o-Wine Fridays started at work

The VMA's were in Brooklyn this year, Jackie and I went to a Pre-VMA's event that had silly sponsors

We got free tix to see Katy Perry perform for the VMAs

Danny was in New York for work and we both experienced SHAKE SHACK. We even got prime seating in the Times Square location. So good catching up with the homie!

Stoked to see Selena Gomez merch

Whenever my parents are in town they want to see Broadway, so we saw ANNIE and my sister was STOKED. It was her first (since she always misses out) and now she loves theater. she got the broadway bite.

Hey, Smalls, you wanna s'more? -----Some more of what?


Popeyes in China Town ... AMERICA

Elena and I just moved into a new apt! It's totes cuuuuute you guyyysss.

Mama's Empanadas is the jam. Especially since they are open till 4am and located right across from our favorite karaoke bar!

Real heroes

Last minute decision to go to Coney Island was awesome!!

The giant swings are fun, but the initial launch is TERRIFYING

The Coney Island Freak show is DEFINITELY worth the $10 admission. I loved it

Ikea Brooklyn is a trek to get to.. 5 hours later I got a bed! and the swedish meatballs are worth it.


The gay Met birthdays with beer wisdom, one direction, guac, cats and hardcore karaoke.

Andrew WK played drums for 24 hours in Times Square at the Oakley store. I went during my lunch break to check him out.

Elena and I went to the Bell House in Brooklyn for comedy show taping, the photobooth took credit card!!

The Met's PUNK: CHAOS to COUTURE exhibit is tight.

Only during gay events can I really wear these earrings in their full glory. We were on our way to the Gay Pride Parade.

Pretty cool of Citibank

Kiersten and I looooove RuPaul's Drag Race!! LOGO (and dragqueens) RULES

As a segway enthusiast, I WAS STOKED.

Happy Birthday America! Elena brought me Benjamin Franklin's recipe brew all the way from Philly.

We love seeing our cousin Kameeka!

Man Louk came to New York before his Euro Trip. He's the only person who I've seen/hung out with in every place I've lived (ie. Orlando, LA, San Francisco, and now NYC!)

The Met's Sunday Studio is pretty neat! They give you tools to sketch a certain piece and then you can paint it.

I was about to do my beast lady but noticed Man Louk was drawing me, so I drew him. He's an art visual designer so he got into it, I'm not but I tried.

Mona got her wisdom teeth taken out and I had KFC for dinner that night.

Ryan and I went to the Sam Adams Brewery Tour.

The clam chowder and fish & chips at Doyle's Cafe is rather outstanding.

Can't decide if this is the best or worst picture we've ever taken.

I'm afraid I just blue myself.

Ever since I met Ryan he's been talking about Skyline Chili. I finally had the Ohio delicacy.

Chilled hard with One Direction in Boston.

Avocados were on sale, you already knowwwwwwww.

Our cousin invited us to dinner at the Michael Jordan Steakhouse inside Grand Central.

Greg's girlfriend organized a surprise booze cruise for his birthday.

Happy Birthday Greg :D

Eric was a part of the birthday surprise!

Happy Birthday Jeff, the only cat I'll acknowledge.

Went to The Morgan in Brooklyn to hang with Chip and his friends in Bishop. I really liked this guy's positive energy.


8 people walk into a bar, 5 are straight edge, 3 are not. These are those 3. So good to see Chip! I love when Florida homies roll through NYC.

Jackie at work.

Jackie breaking Amish.

Jackie's favorite member of Wu-Tang.

Jackie's friend BOB.

Jackie indoor tanning.

Free Yelp Whiskey shots chased by champagne + karaoke

Think Incubus at a karaoke bar is bad? WRONG. IT'S AWESOME

Happy Birthday America! @elena_lovable brought me Benjamin Franklin's recipe brew   3w
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