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Boston hangs, Brooklyn hangs, Jackie's birthday hangs

Elena and I checked out a local New Orleans themed restaurant called Sugar Freak.

When Jared came over I thought I was looking in a mirror.

For Cinco De Mayo we went to a restaurant called La Herradura. No one speaks english which was perfect(o).

I went to Brooklyn to meet Neil and Devin's new baby Alexei!


I greeted Alexei like I greet any new baby into my life.. "Hola Alexei, me llamo Felicia"

Mona went to France and smuggled these back to America for me! The turquoise flavor is called "Marie Antoinette"

Elena kissed me and then went on her date, I then went to the laundromat forgetting I had lipstick on my face. I must have looked like a big ole slut doing my laundry...

Couldn't believe how fast this turtle was moving on his leash. I understand the need for one now.

The Banana Stand was on a London/NYC/LA tour. They gave out Mr.Manager stickers. HOORAY FOR NEW ARRESTED D

Karl means well.

When I brought Ryan to the Johnny Cupcakes store they happened to be celebrating their 7th Anniversary of the Boston shop and Johnny was there!

I love social media! Johnny is THE CHILLEST MILLIONAIRE EVER.

Not even 10 minutes after, we found Matt Skiba walking around Boston. UMMM WOW UNIVERSE!!! Ryan was stoked, I was stoked, was Matt stoked? #YEP

Off With Their Heads was SICK.

Anthony Raneri stays having one of the best smiles in the game. Bayside switched up their setlist for once and actually played Devotion and Desire first!

Alkaline Trio! What a set! They played new and old but NOTHING off Agony and Irony and This Addiction, aka the albums I know the best lolol. Great show tho

Ryan spotted the OG Cheers in Quincy Market.

How can you not lol at this spread eagle lil kim style??

There was a girl at the table in front of us who ate her entire meal with sunglasses on while her friends didn't have any on. We are going to forever take our birthday benihana pics with sunglasses on.

Victoria and I "met" on the Reggie and the Full Effect message boards in 2003. This was our first time meeting IRL after being internet girlfriends for TEN YEARS.

Caravels from Las Vegas took her out on tour and this band is really good. I'm so out of the punk rock/small venue loop and really enjoyed their set.

chill dudes, good hangs

The bar we found at 2am had a PHOTOBOOTH which I spotted IMMEDIATELY.

I bought Jackie a rose, she's special to me.

She moved into a new apartment and did some pinterest shit with them keys. This is also something I learned when it was too late after I bought key covers.

5 Av/59th St subway penguins

Jackie's birthday dinner was at TAO. Sooooo swanky - I had to put a credit card down to make reservations. Very cool place, yummy food, STRONG drinks ;)

Dang is that jacket Burberry?


I selected this one.

Truly unbelievable how well Jackie and Veronica sang this.

Happy Birthday baby boo!

We have new people! Meet Victoria, Ryan, and Jackie in the PEOPLE section!

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