Protagonist show, Brandy's goodbye, and sweet Cousin hangs

Protagonist homies played a show in Pembroke Pines. It was good seeing them since they are always scattered across the United States.

The new "States" EP is dope. and I'm not just saying that because they are my friends, it's legitimately so good. I'm proud of them.

Brandy is moving to Orlando to start a new chapter of her life, and she is one of my best work homegirls. She and I have arm tattoos, and whenever we'd work together dumb ass customers would make jokes like "do you have to have arm tattoos to work here" har .. har.. YES, get out of here. I'm going to miss her! There is no one on earth like Brandy. She is a firecracker and will dropkick you verbally and physically. Such a babe. Also, green shirt photobomb guy is a creeper, he makes an appearance in more pictures.

On Sunday morning, I invited some of my cousins to my work. They love extreme things, so I knew they'd be down to ride the go-karts. They all have busy schedules and I would have been happy if just 1 of the 4 came out, but in a last minute surprise all 4 cuzzies came by! I had ear to ear smiles!

Afterwards I went to Gary's apartment and met his son/my 2nd cousin for the first time! The baby was born when I was in LA so I missed the baby shower and all fun family stuff. He's the first of my cousins to have a baby so it just blows my mind that Gary is now a DAD. It was good to catch up and hang out with my cousins. I love those dudes!!


Pizza Rustica and a Grim Reaper Unicorn

Janine was in town again! We ate at Pizza Rustica.

The next morning she got The Giving Tree tattooed on her P90x body. Eric recently painted the walls in his office space, and the argyle looks SO DOPE.


Eric did this grim reaper unicorn on somebody recently. It wasn't a chest piece, but if it were, it would be way too gnarly.

This past weekend was the last of spring breaks around the US and Easter holiday, so work was extra busy.  We got these ridiculous cut outs for an event, and now they are a staple in the workplace.


200,000 miles, Scream 4, and Vegetarians who love spanish food

Janine came to town to watch Scream 4. Kiersten and Janine have followed the Scream franchise and have been super stoked ever since the first movie previews surfaced. I'm not a fan of scary movies, nor have I really got into the Scream movies, but I was down to hang and ended up very impressed with it. Scream 4 ruled, and Neve Campbell is still a babe. Afterwards we had dinner at La Bamba.

The next morning we had brunch at Maracas. $5 all you can drink margaritas, mimosas, and bloody marys.

When it comes to my food blogging shenanigans, they are good sports.

When your vegetarian friend's brunch choice comes with bacon, you get their bacon! And by you I mean ME. I GET THEIR BACON.

Ulta is having a dope sale on nail polish right now! Buy 2, get 1 free---and I am very serious about my nail game. I scooped up China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and OPI Glitzerland.

My car has surpassed 200,000 miles. I documented the momentous occasion for you.

The little honda civic that could...


The Buried Life + New People!

On Wednesday I saw this tweet...

it was posted about an hour earlier and I flipped out! I immediately googled info and it was really happening. I threw some clothes on (since I already changed into my jammie jams preparing for a laid back Wednesday night) and flew over to Lynn University. I'm not a Lynn student, and was worried about parking since parking at my school is serious, as in, if you don't have an FAU decal or pay for a meter they put a BOOT on your tire. But parking was super laid back and everything worked out. The Buried Life dudes came out, did a presentation on their journey as The Buried Life, had a Q&A with the audience and then did a meet&greet. so dope. I love twitter. I love the internet.

I didn't know Dave could breakdance, and I was pleasantly surprised. His position on the babe meter skyrocketed with this talent.

I hung out with Mr. and Mrs. Juice after work today.

And now I present...

Check out Ileana, Kiersten and Eric in PEOPLE.


My favorite little homie

One of the best parts of my internship was living in southern California and getting to hang out with Angela and her family A LOT in Orange County. Her 2 sons are adorable, and I might have played favorites with her youngest one, Jackson. He was okay with me taping him, whereas Mason hated the camera on him.


I taught Jackson important drinking etiquette.


This last video is from May 2010. Babies are so interesting to me. I loved watching this kid eat, he loves grapes!

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