Friends with benefits + Harry Potter weekend

I'm on a serious job....CAREER hunt now. I have a blah job that pays the bills and funds my fun trips, but I'm ready for that next step in my life. And yes I will relocate, east coast, west coast, european countries, southern hemisphere, ANYWHERE HOMIE.

Kiersten and I got advanced tix for Friends with Benefits and that movie was GOOD. I like Justin Timberlake as a comedy actor (serious acting is wack for him, i.e. The Social Network). Of course he's nice to look at, and you definitely see 99% of his body in the film. Hilarious movie AND JT killin the movie game--win win! A++++

I saw this on Tumblr and loved it because I love pizza, and I love the idea of Draco Malfoy giving out pizza to the fans who came out for the premiere. Harry P and the deathly hollows part 2 was the dopeness.

Eric cooked gnocchi and made this butter-garlic white sauce without a recipe. It was soosososo yummy. I'm constantly impressed by what he conjures up.

I went to lunch with Dana and her mama dukes. I'm going to go to Nashville one of these days to visit her. I missed the opportunity of Philadelphia when she was there for some time.


I've encountered a lot of animals recently...

Before I talk about animals, Kiersten and I used the Benihana gift certificate and looked like 2 chicks on a date. They upgraded their birthday ice cream, and now you get a banana split sundae!

Angela and her babies came to visit and we stopped at a farmer's market that had a petting/feeding zoo attached.

They're hiding from me. Little kids are jokesters, also fearless, because they walked right up to those donkeys and fed them like they were fun animals.

One of Mona's best friends from college got married! Rejani is hindu and we are catholic, so don't know what's going on since the hindu priest is speaking in sanskrit.

Donna said this is "temple food" ---I don't know what vegetarian things I ate, but the yellow stuff was the best. It was sweet and dessert-like.

Saris are serious business and putting them on is an art form. Lots of things to wrap, pleats and hidden safety pins. I only wear them to indian weddings/events, but I wish I could wear them all the time because they are bad ass.

This is one of Rejani's aunties named Chita. She is known in the family as the sari master. Rejani first put my sari together, Chita laughed and whispered to me, "I'll fix it"

Ghetto way of getting rid of wrinkles.

The reception was at the Treetop Ballroom at Parrot Jungle in Miami. I walked into the cocktail hall and there were animals and trainers everywhere! I saw a monkey, I held a skunk, Dayana got a parrot on her arm and then an extra bird on her head.

Then there was a lemur!

This heart shaped cracker was oddly sweet.

My sister and I hit up Dolphin Mall in miami-dade county. Yesterday we went to target and bought fun floaties for a relaxing day at the beach. When we arrived we saw surfers and people paddling in the water, and big waves. Our time in the water was 25% fun, 75% survival. Needless to say, we got beat up by the water, and the ocean had its way with us.

I've been getting interesting google hits recently. Janine enjoys these.


New people + updated photojournal, y'all

Check out my PEOPLE project and meet Andrew and Elena!

I got some fotos developed and finally put together San Francisco Part 2 and updated New York section in the photojournal. Enjoy it, because I love you.


The Birthday Hustle

I love free stuff, but I REALLY love free stuff for my birthday. In 2008 I was turning 20 and since 20 is the last boring birthday before the big 21 I looked into all the free goodies that are out there for popping out ya mama on your special birthing day. I've been on the birthday hustle signing up for birthday clubs and newsletters ever since.

The most gangster birthday coupon of all time is the $30 gift certificate from Benihana. You have to register a month before your birthday, and once the first of the month arrives they email with a certificate!

Sephora has been doing the free birthday gift as being a Beauty Insider for years. Last year I got a small mascara/eyeliner kit and this year is a shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath all in 1 that smells like vanilla birthday cake!

This year I turned 23 and had a low key birthday (versus medieval times/pirates dinner adventure/miami nights/parties the past couple years). Kiersten took me to see Katy Perry in Ft. Lauderdale!

The cotton candy lit up in 7 different settings!

She performed "Circle the Drain" and I almost lost my shit! That song is nuts (google the lyrics, it's basically a cut-throat hate letter to ex-lover Travis McCoy) and I was happy to see it live. and SPOILER---She does a cover of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and I did lose my shit. That is the jam.

Katy Perry hopped onto a floating cotton candy platform and sang "Thinking of You" TO US!

Elena took me to lunch for my birthday and at her house I picked up her sister's tiny dog and became a chinese Paris Hilton.

My first sake bomb! and then 2nd, and 3rd.

My parents got me a birthday carrot cake! My mom took this on her iPhone, which I am very proud that she knows how to use it and enjoys apps.

This year I was burnt out from planning trips and blah blah but next year I'll go to Vegas or do some crazy shit. I've reached my jordan age at 23 and had a very quiet, yet lovely birthday.


Last couple days in da bay

After my mini trip to new york, I went back to finish my graduation present in the bay area. Yes that means I traveled from Ft.Lauderdale to San Francisco to New York to San Francisco to Ft.Lauderdale. I'm now a pro at the 5 hour coast to coast flight. I get myself a window seat and zonk out, next thing you know I've time traveled to the other side of America.

The San Francisco MOMA is free on the first Tuesday of the month!

Mona took me to Fondue Cowboy for my birthday dinner! The sangria was banging at this place!

Then we walked through the hood!

We hit up the San Francisco Zooooooooooo. Going to the zoo as an adult is way more fun than being a little kid.

We saw the grizzly bear feeding! That grizzly bear got his steak out of a Nordstrom bag. Zoo swag

SF Zoo replied with the quickness! Twitter is silly.


During my pilgrimage to the Full House house, a new project was born. Check out TEENAGE ANGST on the projects page! This is my new series!!! who cares.....

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