Chicago Cubs Game and Bike Tour

I went to Chicago for Labor Day weekend to visit my sista!

While waiting to get into Wrigley Field, this group started playing out of nowhere. It was like a movie.

I saw "Bison Dog" on the menu and thought "that's terrible I don't want to eat a buffalo" and then my sister and I split up to get other food items. We reconnected, found our seats, time to eat. After eating the awesome Chicago hot dog she tells me "that's not a hot dog, that's the bison dog" -_________- noooooooo sad, but delicious.

The guys behind us look exactly how they sound. Just think of the shitty uppity guy in your high school english class who doesn't stop talking about his dogs named "Matzah" and "Gefilte" and how JAHHHN, I GOT THE TICKETS FROM STUBHUB.COM YOU GOTTA CHECK IT OUT, ITS THE BEST WEBSITE BLAH BLAH BLAH. The entire game. Thank you 8lb baby Jesus they left during the 6th inning.

By the way, Pittsburgh Pirates 3 - Chicago Cubs 6 :)

We visited little cousins in small town USA. And no, my cousin is not an asian ginger. It was spirit day during homecoming week. The school colors are red, white, and blue. SMALL TOWN USA

Barf castle.

During the Chicago bike tour, somebody's bike fell apart! It was about a 20 minute wait to fix that guy's bike. It was pretty fun to ride through the streets in a bike gang of 16. What WASN'T fun or cool was that we thought it was an 8 mile trip, and tour guide said it's actually 12 miles and we have 4 more miles plus some hills left. noooooooo

Bike guy said this is where they shot Dark Knight. Nope. Doesn't ring a bell.

Back home I brought Kiersten to my favorite Chinese restaurant. This is real Chinese food, for Chinese people. Not Chinese food for Americans like orange chicken and lo-mein.

Hank, my favorite puppy.


End of Summer Jam


Ari has been rocking a toe ring since the 90s. She is the only person I know who has one, loves it, defends it, and encourages others. I won't do it!!!!!

Straight camouflage

One night Kiersten and I had a race through the buffet line at Sweet Tomatoes to see who would get to the register first. She was winning at one point, and then I skipped a family of 4 who were taking forever at the salad dressings. It was a tie, and then my register guy thought I was dining alone and gave me the 10% senior discount, and the old people in front of Kiersten thought she was dining alone and gave her an extra coupon they had.

Goodbye summer! Hello fall! No hurricanes please.



The Change-Up in Miami

Scooped up advance tix for Jason Babeman and Ryan hot ass Reynolds new flick. FUNNY MOVIE A+++

There are so many good dining options on Lincoln Road. I was in the mood for Cuban food and Elena knew exactly where to go. The yuca frita at David's cafe is SUBLIME. Crunchy outside, soft on the inside? HOW? WHY? YES! The cilantro dipping sauce is butta baby.


This guy came into my work asking about our DDR machine, inspected it, went to the restroom to change his clothes, and then went apeshit. He also asked if there was a game tech who could change the program to ___???____ so he could play doubles? At one point he was speaking a different nerd language that we could not decipher. I feel like this grown ass dude goes to different arcades to dominate every edition of DDR.

Rainy weather means no tennis tonight, so instead, home made dinner, arnold palmers, and reality TV with the bestie.

I'm what some people would call "a hugger" and therefore when I found this tumblr, I was so happy because I love Drake. I love hugging. And one day I hope there is a photographer nearby when Drake hugs me.


Scottie Pippen and Warped Tour St. Petersburg

When I got to work, I saw a tall customer in my peripheral vision, did a double take as things registered in my brain and whispered into Jessica's ear "IS THAT SCOTTIE PIPPEN?" -- It was Scottie Pippen. He's a local family man and a totally chill dude.

Kiersten, Eric and I trekked over to St.Pete for Warped Tour. The singer from The Menzingers almost caught a butterfly with his hands mid-song.

Sharks were awesome! Can't wait to see them again this fall at the AP Tour.


Big D and the Kids Table! We also enjoyed Less Than Jake, Gym Class Heroes, Lucero and missed out on Against Me and Set Your Goals due to early scheduling issues -- a bummer, but that's how the warped dice rolls -____-


We checked into our hotel, took a shower and met up with our friend Brian and had dinner and explored downtown St.Pete.


Breakfast coffee options were Dunkin Donuts or Donut Connection. DONUT CONNECTION IS THE SHIT. It's a cute very very small mom and pop shop with good coffee and they have 1 person running the show making coffee, breakfast sandwiches, selling donuts AND there's a drive thru? Hustle and bustle

This donut was called "Dutch Apple Mmm Yum Yum" which it was. If you're in St.Petersburg, FL, go to Donut Connection! I'm about to yelp about it.

One of my friends at work went to the West Palm Beach warped date and it was his first one, so I was giving him tips on what he should do/general info on the day. He told me he was going to pre-game in the parking lot early in the morning and I told him that was the worst idea of all time because it's so hot all day and he'll die. and what he really needs to do is drink water. DRINK WATER STEVE. He's a Big D and the Kids Table fan, so I got this signed for him in St.Pete. When David was signing this I told him the set was great today and he stopped what he was writing, looked at me and said thank you so genuinely. Big D rules.


Impromptu Orlando trip

Kiersten and I are old ladies and love us some Sweet Tomatoes. Strawberry month was the favorite, until LEMON month swung by and shocked us. Right now is summer tropics inspired with citrus infused yum yums.

Greg was in town.

Janine and pizza, such a beautiful combination! The goat cheese marinara dip at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando is sublime. I find it in your best interest to order it. get. that. shit.

We hit up the vegan brunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen in downtown orlando. I am the absolute opposite of a vegan, but I support my vegetarian friends and will try other peoples lifestyles. Kiersten is holding the vegan canadian bacon, which I also ordered. I didn't care for it, but she said it was good. The dj was spinning old timey music, like world war II clark gable vibe.

After brunch we were hanging at ja9's house and she made a comment about my bag (juicy couture) being so soft, and I said in my creepy voice "it's real leather" and then we came to the realization that we all brought leather bags to a vegan restaurant. -___-

Once they both touched it, I HAD to touch it too. I don't want them to be moms and then I'm not because I didn't touch the fertility statue at Ripleys believe it or not.

Leonard is my ride or die eating partner/Orlando bestieeeeeee. Ryan is cool too. Happy birthday boo boo :)

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