6 Days in New York

I spent some time in the big apple. First things first, The Hundreds New York!

I visited the homies at Capitol Records NYC office! They have a dope rooftop lunch spot.

I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Alexander McQueen exhibit. It was AMAZAZING.

You can't take pictures in the exhibit, but these were some of the postcards I sent out. It was absolutely fascinating and I encourage everyone to check it out! Get to The Met early, otherwise you'll have to wait in line to get into the exhibit.

I stayed at my cousin Armand's apartment in Manhattan. I'm always fascinated when boys iron, because I don't iron for shit.

We ate at a place called Yuca Bar. He got a salmon dish, and I got a roast pork dish. The waiter came out and was giving Armand my pork and I said "no no, that is mine..." I'm really just a big fat fattie, no shame. My dish came with a sweet plaintain mashed potato which was SO GOOD. Their yucca fries were banging too. That place was $$ but worth it. YUMMMMMM

The Bodies Exhibit is AWESOME. I learned about it in school and missed the opportunity to see it in South Florida and again in San Francisco, so I was STOKED to see it's still going on in NYC. Ask for the student discount! (you bet your ass I'll be milking that college ID as long as I can) There is a fetus/embryo/pregnancy area which was CRAZY.

I headed to Tribeca for a showing in an art gallery. Derrick Beckles interviewed and screened the work of Dynasty Handbag, Devin Flynn and J Penry.

I met up with another Capitol Street Team homie Andrew who lives in New York now. We went to the MoMA and enjoyed some art. We also visited Flight Club NY and while walking in Times Square saw MR.BIG from Sex and the City!! I freaked out and might have punched Andrew in excitement. But it was awesome to see him just walking around Times Square like a normal person, like a normal moment in his sex and the city life, maybe on his way to see Carrie.................I digress

Afterwards we ate at a restaurant called Vynl. Upon arrival he said "You have to check out the bathroom".. in which I thought ??????? but then I understood what he meant.

I picked the Dolly Parton restroom! This mosiac mural welcomes you with open arms.

I liked the east village a lot. There are so many good bars/restaurants to check out. I navigated through the city by myself and only got lost twice. I ended up in the Bronx for a minute and was turned around in Tribeca, but I figured it all out and enjoyed my time in the city. I'm back in San Francisco now enjoying the last moments of my vacation and bonding time with my sista.


San Francisco, what's good?

I'm on the west coast of the United States visiting my sister! It's always weird how cold San Francisco is year round. I packed summer clothes and fun dresses, when I knew it was going to be cold..but I didn't want to believe it. My florida wardrobe is no good here.

Can you find me?

The Florida Marlins played the San Francisco Giants .. we rooted for the Marlins! And they won! We were 2 happy marlins in a sea of sad giants.

I've been to 3 MLB stadiums (Marlins, Dodgers, and now Giants) and this is the prettiest view/location!

Dinner at DOSA - Mona ordered everything except the meat, which I picked... Lamb meatballs! Spicy as shit, my bad.

We went to my favorite Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio's sandwich shop 'wichcraft. The pork loin panini is DOPE. The chips were complimentary! Nice touch Tom.

We should be in this book.

We watched "Bridesmaids" which is hiiiiiilarious if you've been a bridesmaid. In our case, I have been twice, my sister 3 times. Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph are so so so funny as always.

Dinner at Mums Shabu Shabu - dessert was green tea ice cream!

This made our trip to Japantown COMPLETE.

They gave me huge sailor moon eyes. SO MUCH FUN LETS DO IT AGAIN


These ladies are killin it! I love the internet

Angie Martinez is killin it! Angie is a legend and I was happy to see her dominating Busta's verse. YES

Shakira is killin it, you can watch here. Spanish music isn't my steeze but that song plays at my job all the time and I knew it ruled as soon as I heard the lyrics "I'M CRAZY BUT YOU LIKE IT. LOCA LOCA LOCA" YES

Nicki Minaj is killin it! I didn't like her early stuff, her rhymes were wack..but I see an improvement, and this song, beat, AND video is dope. Not bad for a trini. (RE: jamaican vs. trinidadian rivalry) "This one is for the boys in the polos, entrepreneur niggas and them moguls" YES

Kreayshawn is killin it! This white girl is fun and is performing in San Francisco when I'm in town. My sister has a full itinerary set for my trip and hopefully I can wiggle her show into the mix. YES

These walmart girls are killin it! The first 20 seconds of this video set the tone of WHAATTT???? YESSSS



Beach days and hardcore

This clown towel is from the 80's and is incredibly thin and possibly the worst possible quality beach towel. However we have had this towel since we were babies and still use it at the beach.

You should cop kenny rogers new jams, exclusively at Cracker Barrel.

I went to Bring it Back for the kids Fest this past weekend to support the homie Jeffy. My favorite Know the Score song is "Ex-Members Of I Don't Give A Fuck" and I was happy to hear it. Trapped Under Ice was good, and Stick To Your Guns ruled. I have a small crush on Jesse.

okay big crush. Homie is adoooooooorable and his PMA is through the roof! <3 <3


Welp, I graduated college

Alex's golden cord swag is for cum laude, and my red and white cord swag is for Lambda Pi Eta, Communication Honor Society.

I saw Alex make a face, and then I had to do the same. Alex was my high school homecoming date senior year. Homeboy for life.

I called Ari the day before and said "Hey what are you doing tomorrow at 8am?" :)

We ate at my favorite authentic Chinese restaurant in Ft.Lauderdale. My sister is trying to figure out which part of the lobster she's eating. I say anus. It's possible.

I had 3 cakes at my graduation party! The rum cake (right) was the original cake. I love carrot cake so my mom wanted to surprise me with a 2nd carrot cake, however when my sister picked up the cake at the bakery, they gave her the wrong one and decorated it with my name. Then the bakery called 20 minutes later saying the cake was wrong and not carrot cake, and then delivered the correct cake to the house and then we had 3 cakes-- rum, carrot, and mystery. The mystery cake had raspberry filling..which would be cool if I didn't hate raspberries. My cousins ate the majority of that cake, but it was cool having 3 cakes for little ole me. Mystery cake was free.

Today is Mother's Day, and my sister and I cooked a chinese feast for our mama.

Pan fried dumplings, black bean chicken, bacon wrapped asparagus (not Chinese, but still fun to make and eat), chinese sausage, garlic teriyaki bok choy, and strawberries for dessert. We don't play.

So now I'm a college graduate!!!!!!!! No more school. ever. I'm slowly realizing it..and it's amazing.

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