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Tattoos and a Bounce House

My sister and I have been talking about getting sister tattoos for a while, and on the recent trip home to South Florida, Eric was able to do it! This was my sister's first tattoo, and I knew she was nervous, so I made sure to get her a smoothie (which is the equivalent of a pediatrician lollipop). Yes, Eric got one too, homeboy loves Jamba Juice.

We were in South Florida for the weekend for my parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary party that my siblings and I have planned for the past 4 months. A full pictorial update will come once the photographer delivers. My sister set up a mani/pedi time for my Mom since she's never had EITHER.

My sister and I usually do our own nails, so we just got pedicures. It was my first pedi and it was so nice and now I'm a believer! SHOUT OUT TO MING AT VENETIAN SPA!

I had to trek to Pembroke Pines to pick up the cake for the party. Mona has been reading the Hunger Games and decided I'm Prim, and that I needed a braid in my hair while I drive.

After the party I was able to meet up with my ladies! Elena and I went on a lunch date to El Jefe Luchador.

Whatever is smothered on that corn is sent from heaven. I want to rub it on my face.

Then Lola drove us to the park.

I love this black bitch!

When we were at the park, we found a bounce house!!!!! Totally unoccupied, no kids anywhere, nobody nearby.

After I saw this picture I realized how weirdly long my hair was.

Kiersten sent me the funniest video of Hank and Desi howling, and it made me miss those puppies so much! Eric usually gets Hank to howl, but then Kiersten tried it, I chimed in, and then the puppies were at it.

ohh lil buuudddyyyyyyyyyyy


Mona jokingly posted this picture of Lady Gaga on my fb wall saying she would do this to me. I laughed, and then the next night she actually did it. I look like an anime character. By the way I'm texting Caitlin Turpel in that picture for an emergency hair cut the next day.

Caitlin rules so hard!! SHE IS A SWEET HAIR MAGICIAN ANGEL BABY. GET YOUR HAIR CUT BY HER! She usually just trims it, but I told her long angles and go to town..and she did. Thanks girl!


Fallon and I were deciding on where to go to lunch and for some reason it immediately hit me, ZINGER MOUNTAIN MELT AT ALE HOUSE GO GO GO GO. Ughhhh it's been so long since I've had this. So many college nights/after show dinners spent at Ale House!

Fallon recently got engaged, and her fiance always gets the Zinger Mountain Melt too. I like him already.

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    F U H L E E S H U H .com - Blog - Tattoos and a Bounce House
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    Fantastic Site, Continue the excellent work. Thank you!
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    F U H L E E S H U H .com - Blog - Tattoos and a Bounce House
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    F U H L E E S H U H .com - Blog - Tattoos and a Bounce House

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